Beyonce Dead Rumors: She’s Still Alive, Her Backup Dancer is Missing; Authorities on Trail

Is Beyonce dead as several online reports would have you believe? The answer is NO. However, one of the star’s backup dancers has gone missing from Sunday. The authorities are still investigating her sudden disappearing act.

According to The Gamers Drop, the much-celebrated singer-songwriter bled hugely due to accidentally cutting herself. This happened during the Tidal X: 1015 performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This Saturday night incident had horrified fans witnessing the diva cutting her ear unintentionally after ripping her earrings off. Beyonce, however, continued with her act for Jay-Z’s (her husband) charity concert.

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Beyonce dead rumors flooded the internet after the show since fans saw Beyonce losing a lot of blood. However, the singer was perfectly fine after the concert. She even wore a new pair of earrings in the affected ear at the black carpet after performing.  Several Twitter posts are trending with the #cutforbeyonce hashtag were impressed fans are emulating the singer’s bravado that day.

Backup Dancer Goes Missing

In a real life twist to the sordid Beyonce dead rumors though, a backup dancer for the star has gone missing. New Jersey authorities are still investigating this sudden disappearance. Shirlene Quigley who is 32 years old, has not been heard or seen since Sunday. She is a professional dance instructor and dancer. She has performed with Beyonce and many other pop stars on television award shows according to Fox News.

The disappearance is being investigated by the North Bergen Police Department. Quigley was last seen around 1 AM on the 23rd of October. She was at the Port Authority Bus Terminus in Manhattan. She wore blue jeans and a pink top with high heels at the time. Her landlord has confirmed that she saw Quigley leave in the same apparel sometime earlier.

Quigley’s cell phone has reportedly been recovered and her vehicle has also been found. The cell phone was found at a bridal store in Chelsea. Her father stated that she may have gone to pick up something for a show. Brad Quigley also talked about how his daughter made a cryptic comment to a friend recently.

Shirlene told a friend to get ready, it’s about to happen and I’m going to need you to sub for me. The authorities are hot on Quigley’s trail and we hope they uncover the truth soon.


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