Taylor Swift Drake Reportedly Dating; Speculated to be ‘Intimately Flirting’ at ‘Views from the 6’ Rapper’s Birthday

Are Taylor Swift Drake dating? News of rapper Drake’s 30th birthday party has gone viral including Taylor Swift’s reported intimacy with him. Taylor Swift’s flirtations with Drake have led to speculation concerning a possible relationship between the two.

The Taylor Swift Drake saga swept the internet after the rapper celebrated his 30th birthday with a huge bash at Delilah, the Los Angeles hotspot. The Saturday gala witnessed several celebs including exes John Mayer and Taylor Swift. According to Page Six sources, the tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Intriguingly, Katy Perry (Mayer’s other ex) also attended the party. As per sources, she and Swift were put on opposite sides of the room and avoided each other completely. John and Katy did chat for a while but Taylor completely avoided both. The party saw guests savoring Virginia Black whiskey cocktails and dinner from Carbone.

Here’s When The Action Started 

The Taylor Swift Drake chemistry was evident when the rapper joined Swift post dinner in her booth. According to sources, they were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing. Drake reportedly spent this much time with just his mom and Swift.

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According to Hollywood Life, Swift and Drake were all up on each other- no kissing- but touching each and other and cheeking. Were the two stars simply warming up as friends or potential love interests? There are endless possibilities being discussed by netizens about this latest development.

However, Rihanna (Drake’s ex) has already sounded a note of caution for Taylor. She stated that Swift ain’t got nothing Drake wants and talked of headaches and drama that Drake is capable of giving a woman. According to Ri-Ri, Taylor is known for her songs being hugely inspired by bitter partings with exes. If she got wind of the games played by Drake, she’d write about it forever!

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