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WWE News: Goldberg vs The Undertaker After Brock Lesnar Match Series

It seems champions are on their way to battle against one another. This time it’s going to be messy. It looks like it’s the Undertaker versus Goldberg in the recent and surprising twists in the WWE arena.

Initial reception towards Goldberg’s return was a “one-time-big-time” thing. However, rumors and outlets seem to think otherwise.

According to Forbes, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter hinted that aside from a three-match program with Lesnar, there might even be a final Undertaker versus Goldberg match in the works. This will serve as the swan song of the Undertaker, and quite the explosive farewell too.

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The Undertaker, Goldberg and WWE

Goldberg’s return to Raw was spectacular. This was actually a sigh of relief given that his return last 2004 had very poor reception. Either way, it felt like a hero’s welcome and his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar has never been this hyped.

However, it seems Goldberg’s “promise” that Brock Lesnar is his “last” may not be as true as everyone thinks. The 49-year-old champion seems to be wanting more, and the Undertaker may be is the next target. Of course, the Inquisitr reports that this still depends on fans.

It is safe to assume that Goldberg will have more than a few matches’ worth of bouts with Brock Lesnar. If the Survivor Series ends up good, then there might even be a rematch.

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The Goldberg reception was so good that there were hints with a “versus” The Undertaker and even a “versus” John Cena in the works. Of course, this is a big draw for The Royal Rumble and the Survivor Series, but these events will be spectacular nevertheless.

However, we may not see the fight very soon as the Undertaker is reportedly recuperating from hip surgery. Either way, fans hope the match will come April next year during WrestleMania 33.

Pro-wrestling booker John LaRocca told the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Lesnar may win the match at first. Come January next year, Goldberg and the Undertaker may meet in the Royal Rumble and fight outside the ring. This rather spectacular display may eventually lead to the WrestleMania 33 announcement. The Undertaker will wrap up his career with a victory, and that would be it.

Of course, as much as they are rumors, this sounds like a healthy possibility.

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