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Titanfall 2 Review: Multiplayer FAQs, Classes, How to Get Good Gear

Get ready for some Mech-Pilot action in Titanfall 2. With the game nearing its release and players excited to land on multiplayer, has it got what it takes? This Titanfall 2 Review will take you to the crazy, intense world of Titanfall 2 multiplayer.

Titanfall 2 is already generating a lot of buzz since its announcement. The original Titanfall game did not have any story that came with it, which led a lot of players to be used to multiplayer. Now, the new title offers an incredibly-woven narrative that is sure to populate any Titanfall 2 review.

However, players have to first realize that Titanfall 2 is fundamentally a multiplayer game. Any Titanfall 2 review will also tell them that it’ll be hard to check it at first just how different the sequel’s multiplayer is.

Fortunately, a lot of players praise Titanfall 2’s movement scheme. It is without a doubt extremely smooth and fluid. Your pilot and mech respond almost perfectly with your actions. This is a plus, given the nature of the game’s levels where you constantly have to move, duck, crouch and leap past obstacles.

However, this is where the Titanfall 2 review will get a bit fuzzy.

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A1 “feely” experience

Arthur Gies from Polygon will agree that the game is evidently “smooth.” The weapons, too, feel separate from the pilots themselves. The armory does its best to blend well with everything else in the game, but it’s in the “movement” that really sets the game apart.

It takes some time to “feel” the various changes in multiplayer. Titanfall 2 kept a lot of common things from its predecessor. Aside from the major mechanics, it is fundamentally an FPS game. Given the abundance of titles in the market, it’s pretty hard to find where everything else is split.

However, players will need to know that there’s a wide range of abilities for both pilots and titans now. This gives them a feel of progression throughout the game. Players have to assess the kind of playstyle they want to have. Not only do some titans have rather peculiar abilities, there are four different specialties for every model.

This widens the range of customization so much that players have to carefully evaluate their gaming pattern to find the right titan-pilot mix. However, this is a plus given how any Titanfall 2 review will tell this is good for personalization.

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Deadly duels

However, players may complain about the fragility of titans this time. Instead of having an over shield and a health bar, Titanfall 2 gives players non-regenerating health. This can be refilled by ripping off the battery of a dead titan and plugging it into your own or your team-mate.

While this is a good way to supplement teamwork, it’s highly unproductive. This means players can barely engage an enemy at all before going into bad shape. Even the maps felt a bit more confined. This is ironic, because while the game wants to focus on aerial or vertical battles, there’s a ton of tunnels. This kind of seems a bit illogical given that titans are large creatures that like movement.

Regardless, it’s essential that players assemble and gather new gear throughout their matches to survive longer in play. While the official list of gear hasn’t been revealed yet, it was said that players can at least earn points to purchase them. Given the fragility of titans in multiplayer, it’s recommended players focus on speed and defense.

Titanfall 2 will launch on October 28 for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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