Spongebob Cancelled: Patrick Spinoff Reportedly Confirmed; ‘The Patrick Show’ in the Works

Spongebob cancelled reports have slowed down a bit the past days, with Nickelodeon finally debunking all rumors of our favorite sponge bidding adios. However, new talks of a possible spinoff is hitting the web and includes another Spongebob character. And no, it’s not bob.

Spongebob is probably one of the most beloved cartoon characters of recent time. With Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, and Bugs Bunny (almost) a thing of the past, the one who lives on a pineapple under the sea is now the king of animations.

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So why is everyone talking about the show being cancelled? No one’s for sure. But Nickelodeon has already debunked the rumors. Even confirming that the cartoon will run for several season more.

While the reports have been squashed, there are new talks that Nickelodeon is cooking up a new show about the dumbest yet cutest starfish in the world — Patrick Star.

Spongebob Squarepants Spinoff: “The Patrick Show”

What could be better than a sponge who flips burgers? A starfish with a talk show!

If rumors are, again, to be believed, Spongebob’s bff will be having his own show and he’ll be the star of it (no pun intended). The spinoff could help the Nickelodeon series get back on its feet after suffering traffic dumps the past seasons.

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While nothing has been confirmed yet, the idea of Patrick Star having his own show is quite interesting. For one, Patrick’s known for being dumb, so him being the host and asking the questions will surely make for good TV. Definitely a funny one at that.

According to iTechPost, the Patrick Star spinoff are possibly just “offshoots” of the Spongebob Cancelled rumors and has no truth to it. Moreover, Nickelodeon has already confirmed that the show will run for two more seasons — season 10 and 11. In which case, a spinoff is not needed.

Nevertheless, the idea seems to be a good one, save for when Spongebob Cancelle finally comes true.


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  1. Please keep not screwing around with this news it is too at least dedicate yourselves to do something else as rumors of cancellation are false and more about the supposed series called the show patrician who in the end that will not happen, and let alone the sponge and do something else