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Killer Clown 2016: Several Dead as Pranks Gone Wrong [Watch]

The Killer Clown 2016 outrage has taken another turn for the worst as people are fighting back. Several failed prank attempts have caused the demise of individuals wearing the infamous costume.

It looks like people have had enough with these killer clown 2016 scares and are taking the matters into their own hands. The panic and fear that these clowns have contributed are no longer tolerated and victims are fighting back.

Concern have increased due to the appearance of killer clowns since August this year in the US, UK, and Australia. Police have even been involved and have arrested several people dressed as clowns to keep the peace.

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Killer Clown 2016: Predators Become Prey

Unfortunately for these killer clowns, the wheels are turning as their victims are now taking charge.

Daily Mirror shares one killer clown prank gone wrong in Cambodia where the prankster was chased by locals and eventually stepped into one of the landmines. The clown was not identified due to landmine injuries but was believed to be a 25-year old student from the US visiting relatives in Asia.

The police said that a group of men chased him to know who he was. “They didn’t want to hurt him, but they wanted to find out who it was and make him apologise to the people he’d scared.”

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The Sun in UK also shared a prank gone wrong. After hitting a man with a bat in the head, a clown was run over by a car. The passengers and driver were evidently afraid but continued on with their hunt for the clown that has threatened them.

Another case of a killer clown killed was in Tambov, Russia when a guy pulls out a gun and shoots the 20-year old prankster.

Beatings Gone Wrong

One unfortunate incident included a woman wearing heavy makeup killed because she was mistaken to be a killer clown. Morning News USA says 34-year old Kelly Perez was on her way to her car when she was shot by a man who has mistaken her for a killer clown.

Another similar case was of 26-year old Melissa Reyes from Englewood who was attacked by a group of teenagers because of her heavy makeup. The news agency, however, says that according to Snopes, these two reports are fake.

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As Halloween is approaching, we recommend staying away from clown costumes. With the beating and killings of clowns, it is safe to say, they are not the favorite character in the world today.


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