PS Plus November 2016 Games: 5 AAA Titles Expected this Month

PS Plus November 2016 Games: 5 AAA Titles Expected this Month

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Recent bombshells in gaming are making players more anxious to find out the roster of free PS Plus November 2016 games this month. Predictions range from casual games to intense triple-A titles.

According to the Express, the official list of free PS Plus November 2016 games may arrive on Wednesday, October 26. This is part of Sony’s initiative to keep much of their free titles secret for the past few months. However, this does not stop players from predicting.

The Witcher 3 may hopefully arrive as a free title for November’s lineup. If not the critically-acclaimed game, then any of The Witcher titles. This is a good way to supplement the full release of The Witcher 3‘s DLCs and encourage players to buy a full title.

Others speculate that Watch Dogs will make an appearance on the roster. The arrival of the much-awaited Watch Dogs 2 next year will surely need the hype of its predecessor. Given the rather mellow reception for Watch Dogs, this is still a good way to assess the first game.

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The release of Battlefield 1Skyrim Special Edition and Titanfall 2 may also have an impact on the free PS Plus November 2016 games roster this month. Others point towards a Battlefield and Call of Duty predecessor to support their games.

Fortunately, players are hopeful that Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will arrive in the foray soon. These two franchises are heavy competitors for the FPS genre. Both games specialize in a realistic portrayal of guns and stories, but it seems this time Battlefield is getting the crown.

Red Dead Redemption may meet the list as well. The highly-acclaimed tease of Red Dead Redemption 2 needs supplementation, which the first game may provide.

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A good way to rake up the gaming community is to also offer the first Titanfall installment for free. This is because its sequel is also arriving this month, which may help supplement sales.

It’s a good thing to notice that much of these triple-A titles are more or less predecessors or games leading into sequels.


Not purely triple-A

Of course, not all free PS Plus November 2016 games may be triple-A titles. For instance, last year’s selection ran more adventure and story-based titles at best. These include Mass Effect 2The Walking Dead Season 2 and Beyond Good and Evil.

Players can expect multiple genre crossovers for the different titles. This can range from the Midnight Club racing games to Final Fantasy titles.

Meanwhile, players can still enjoy October’s free titles until the end of the month. Players can expect the official arrival of free PS Plus November 2016 games by the first Tuesday of November.

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