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The Voice 2016 Judges: Gwen Stefani Returns, Replaces Miley Cyrus

The Voice 2016 judges are some of the weirdest combinations in the history of the singing contest. Miley Cyrus’ addition to the team has brought to the show a completely different vibe that some audience love, and others not so much.

Having Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys as part of The Voice 2016 judges is the first time the show had two female judges who are, in most ways, opposite each other. Miley, especially, has been a highly controversial addition to the panel.

Constantly, the young star is bombarded with rumors when it comes to her relationship with her co-judges. Being closest to Adam, sitting position-wise, the two are most likely to interact the most. But according to sources, Adam and Miley do not get along very well.

“Adam and Miley are at each other’s throats this season and Adam acts like he cannot stand her,” shared the source.

“He does not talk to her when the cameras are not rolling, and seems like he really wants nothing to do with her.”

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The Voice 2016 Judges: Gwen Stefani Replaces Miley

Though the 23-year old singer seems to be a fan favorite, some are arguing that she is unfit for the role of a judge. Despite years of experience in the music industry, as she has been in the spotlight from a very young age, her being 23 presents her as less mature.

Speculations have surfaced online that the Party in the USA singer is being replaced by Gwen Stefani. The other blonde was a judge a few years ago in the singing competition. Gwen is also quite famous as the girl who made Blake Shelton’s heart sing again.

During her stint as The Voice judge, Gwen and Blake developed a relationship the whole world got to see. The two were unashamed to show public display of affection on air.

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Though Gwen will not be replacing Miley as part of The Voice 2016 judges, she is however confirmed to be taking her place next season.

Today announced in their show that Gwen will be having a comeback in 2017 with Adam Levine, Blake and Alicia. And it looks like Miley being a bad coach is not the reason for her absence next season since she has confirmed being a coach for season 13.

The president of NBC’s alternative and reality group, Paul Telegdy even said that “With Miley returning for Season 13, we’re truly ecstatic about the unmatched musical know-how and talent coming together in our coming seasons.”


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