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The Division 1.4 Update a ‘Game-Changer’; Gear Sets, Release Date, Changes Complete Details Here

Agents, buckle up. Ubisoft has revealed that The Division 1.4 update is primed and ready to be played by the public. But what exactly does this “game-changing” update offer?

Players very-well know that a good September was spent testing The Division 1.4 update on a public test server. The game teases brand new features to be rolled out to hopefully spice things up within the game.

Fans know the game best for its usual Tom Clancy, high-end espionage plot with a twist. A mysterious biochemical attack has almost wiped all life in the United States. You are part of a covert team of operatives only known as the Division. You are finally “activated” after this event, and you have no idea who your allies are or who your immediate superior is.

Only one thing is for sure: you have got to fix everything. The game’s current expansion, Underground, brings players to the gritty dark underworld of New York City. Players are tasked to stop the threat of the “Four Horsemen,” four incredibly-weaponized terrorists who plan to lay waste aboveground.

Despite a successful release, some bugs within The Division made it a sore sight for fans. Regardless, a lot of players still appreciate the impeccable narrative and impressive combat mechanics. Now that The Division 1.4 update will inevitably delay expansions, is it worthy?

Perhaps – but what exactly is The Division 1.4?

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The Division 1.4: Debugging, New State of Play

The Division 1.4 will launch on all platforms on October 25. The month of testing was dedicated for big overhauls and bug fixes that will hopefully fix some of the most pressing bugs in the game.

According to The Division Twitch account, the newest addition to the game is the introduction of World Tiers. This changes the overall difficulty of opponents for players to better match their gear score. The change allows them to get better gear and match their levels with their opponents.

This also fixes the progression of post-level 30 players, who will evidently need more challenge. The Division 1.4 update will likely help players find gameplay styles more suited to their tastes.

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Ubisoft also reworked the time to kill mechanic. Players’ health has been improved and extra survivability was added. The health of enemies were reduced as well to add a more realistic mix in gameplay.

Of course, according to The Division 1.4 patch notes, the game also incorporates standard additions to the update. This will include an overhaul of the gear sets with new bonuses.

The game’s Underground expansion will now allow higher chances for rarer drops if players take down elite bosses. However, the patch notes are a whopping 21-pages long and will take a bit to read.

The Division 1.4 update will be released next week, October 25. Meanwhile, Tom Clancy’s The Division is available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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