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PS Plus Games November 2016: The Evil Within, Watchdogs Included!

November is coming, which means the Holiday season is up. Luckily, Sony’s got our back. While the lineup for November’s PS Plus games is not out yet, rumors are pointing towards good selections, including several AAA titles.

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is highly-known as the company’s platform for players to buy games for Sony consoles. However, many gamers love the service for its inclusion of free games in the mix.

October’s lineup had a ton of free games, which are still available for download. However, with November coming up, the rumors about the free games are just starting to pile up.

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It’s interesting that some speculations also point towards some classic games. The PlayStation Universe points towards Rayman Legends and Knack to be part of the free lineup. The two platforming games did get good reception, but can they compete with their much more sophisticated siblings?

Another interesting probability is the inclusion of free PlayStation VR games. Given Sony’s recent platform launch, it’s about time for Sony to reveal a free PS VR game. This is good not just for marketing, but for initial player hype as well.

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New Game Releases

According to Game N Guide, new game releases meant opportunities to amp up the market. The future release of Watch Dogs 2 is a good opportunity for Ubisoft to release the first game for free. Watch Dogs was already teased in the September lineup, but we didn’t get to see it.

And speaking of new titles, Max Payne 3 is yet another highly-requested game from Rockstar Games. The third-person action fiasco would hopefully meet the hands of expecting players once more.

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The Evil Within is one of the more recent horror-filled spectacles to grace the gaming community. Its good reception and bold narrative is something players would love to re-experience again.

However, perhaps the most interesting offering teased for November would be Red Dead Redemption. With a spinoff (a prequel?) in the works, it’s about time Rockstar Games offered the first iteration of the game for free. After all, fans have got to re-experience the journey before (or after?) the events of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Could these finally be the PS Plus games for free this November?

Of course, given that these titles aren’t included in the final list (yet), it’s best to hope that at least one of these would be in the lineup.

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