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One Piece 843 Spoilers: Reiju Dies May Save Sanji

One Piece fans are drooling over the next chapter and are dying to know what will happen in One Piece 843. Many have come up with their own theories and spoilers. There are a lot of the spoilers but there’s one that have caught fans’ attention.

Spoilers will be revealed here, as well as the recap of Chapter 842. If you haven’t seen the previous chapter yet, read at your own risks.

In an article written by News Everyday, sources revealed the rescue of Sanji by no other than his sister Reiju. It is said that Sanji doesn’t want to be married to Big Mom’s daughter and wants to escape the castle. Reiju feels the same way and will help Sanji slip away.

The castle’s security is tight and escape proves to be difficult. Because of this, Reiju may have to sacrifice herself to let her brother escape from Big Mom’s Castle.

One Piece 843 is believed to evolve around the sibling’s love between Sanji and Reiju. It is also believed that Lady Pudding will also help Reiju and Sanji.

During the previous chapter, Luffy succeeded in fighting off Cracker with the help of Nami who came up with the ingenious idea of making rain so their nemesis’ biscuit soldiers soften up. This made it easier for Luffy to quickly eat them all.

Luffy then used his gear four to send Cracker flying to the sky. This led fanatics to believe that even though Cracker was clearly defeated after he was sent flying, he will eventually land where else? But right on Big Mom’s castle where everyone is busy preparing for the wedding.

As Christian Times reported, Cracker’s sudden crash and his gigantic weight will ruin all the preparations being made in the castle causing the cancellation of the wedding. He will then warn off Big Mom that Luffy is coming to ruin the wedding. This is the signal of the big battle between Luffy and Big Mom.

It is also believed that Luffy and Nami will rescue Chopper and Carrot first after being trapped in the mirrors. They will then run off to Big Mom’s Castle to rescue Sanji.

One Piece 843 is expected to come out anytime this week.

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