Michael Schumacher Dead; News Pointing Out To Deteriorating Health
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Michael Schumacher Dead; News Pointing Out To Deteriorating Health

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It has been three years since F1 racer, Michael Schumacher had an accident that changed his and his family’s life forever. According to recent reports, after years of trying to survive, the beloved racer has passed away.

It was in December 2013 when Michael Schumacher had a skiing accident that caused him severe brain damage leading the once active 47-year old racing driver in a vegetative state.

His family wishes to keep as private as possible about his recovery but recent reports are claiming that his condition has gotten worst. Other rumors are even pointing out Michael Schumacher’s demise.

However, it is confirmed that the Nascar racer is still alive. Unfortunately, because of the severity of the accident, returning to race is seemingly an impossibility now for him.

During this difficult times, his family is seeking support from everyone to respect their privacy while he is in recovery.

Recent claims of a German newspaper called Bunte that he can walk again. His family was said to have filed a lawsuit against the publication for publishing wrong information further adding to the confusion.

“Such speculation is irresponsible because given the seriousness of his injuries, his privacy is very important for Michael. Unfortunately, they also give false hopes to many involved people,” shared his manager, Sabine Kehm,

His lawyer has confirmed that Michael Schumacher still cannot walk. Though reports from iTech Post says that he is now able to react to certain environmental stimulus such as crying when his family is sad.

Michael Schumacher Recovery

Along with the family’s request to respect his privacy, they have also shared their gratitude towards supporters. Even after three years, they are still sharing sympathy and offering support to his family.

In his website, the family shared a message of thanks saying how the support helps them continue on the long journey ahead. Another site called Keepfightingmichael.com also encourages supporters to pour their sympathies in the forum.


No doubt, Michael Schumacher has received such love because during his healthier years, he has also given much. He has supported numerous charities and campaigns including ICM, FIA’s action for road safety, Make Roads Safe, Nazionali Piloti. He is even a global ambassador for UNESCO.



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