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Killer Clowns 2016 Video Game Like Pokemon Go Reportedly Confirmed; Capture Clowns on Mobile

What do we do when killer clowns are around? With a Killer Clowns 2016 game, then we would probably be able to capture them. Like Pokemon Go? Definitely like the AR game.

Police, government officials and even regular citizens are being alarmed with the sudden appearance of killer clowns around various countries. The killer clowns 2016 trend first plagued the United States, but it soon spread to the United Kingdom, Australia and even in Asia.

Pictures all around social media are circulating, featuring scary clowns with weapons. Of course, the actual cases so far simply involved pranking others. Unfortunately, some officials are treating these cases seriously — as should we.

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clown purge on halloween

Anyone should be wary of a killer clown roaming the streets. And as scary as it sounds, it seems killer clowns will cap 2016.

Well, that is, unless we get a Killer Clowns 2016 game.

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Augmented reality game?

While a lot of websites do report the cases as hoaxes, we shouldn’t take these cases with a grain of salt. However, given the success of some games like Pokemon Go, it seems we could use the augmented reality formula and “catch” killer clowns ourselves.

Of course, while it seems a bit impractical to make a Killer Clowns 2016 game that has fake clowns for us to catch — the monster-capture idea sounds appealing. Companies can bank on the Killer Clown 2016 hype to make a monster-based clown capture game.

It could feature some famous clowns such as the Joker from the Batman franchise, or even just random kinds of cartoonish clowns.

They can also make a beat-em-up game, or even an action-adventure game that features these clowns. Games such Grand Theft Auto can bank on this concept and even make a Killer Clowns 2016 DLC. Or other indie developers can make an entire horror franchise based on this trope.

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Some morally-upright individuals could also make a Snapchat-esque game where the objective is to “catch” clowns on the act. This can help authorities and officials keep track of “pranks” and actual “killer clown” activity on the streets.

Of course others may consider a Killer Clowns 2016 game as something like a bad joke. But given the right material, the game can give us an idea of how a clown-pocalypse could ensue, and what we could do to defend ourselves.

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