Overwatch Sombra ARG

Overwatch Sombra ARG: Reddit Reveals New Clues, Maps & Codes! Fans Still Disappointed

A hype train could only go so far. It seems more players are getting fed up with Blizzard’s Sombra shenanigans in yet another teaser for its Overwatch Sombra ARG.

In the latest update to our quest for Sombra, it seems we have more questions than actual answers. Blizzard is taking too long to reveal its hit shooter’s most mysterious character yet.

The latest clue in the Overwatch Sombra ARG brought a timer to the fold. Players hope to finally get a confirmation about Sombra once the countdown ends, but got an entirely different answer.

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What they hoped was an official teaser, was yet another clue. It seems something has “compromised” the robot Bastion and is causing glitches in the game.

According to Game Rant, Bastion’s new pose has strange blinking lights. The lights apparently translate Sombra’s name in Morse. Others unfortunately report no such thing with their other skins.

However, Forbes revealed that fans are starting to see the bigger picture — much to their irritation. The blinking lights led to a fictional website of the Omnic company, the company responsible for manufacturing the robot Omnics. It seems going to lumerico.mx/takecontrol has a bunch of code people had to decrypt.

Doing so reveals yet another message with Sombra asking for the help of the players. “They” revealed a list of e-mails, with topics covering coffee machines to a “new power plant on November 1.”

Sombra also said she needed a “week” to work on things. This means the game is halted, and is restarted again. And once more, fans are more than pissed.

Too far is too far

Some fans also saw the Sombra logo on the Halloween loot box page of the game. Hopefully we get to see Sombra before the Halloween event ends.

But everyone agrees, the Overwatch Sombra ARG hype is going a bit too far.

Sadly, without even a confirmation from Blizzard, no one knows if Sombra actually exists.

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People are starting to get a bit more pissed as compilations of screengrabs from Kotaku reveal extremely frustrated fans. Just look at the number of karma on the Overwatch subreddit top post.

Overwatch Sombra ARG

Sadly, the official forums aren’t a good place to look at either.

Beginning the hype train

The Overwatch Sombra ARG began when players started to discover clues in previous updates. Maps such as the Dorado and other teaser videos had details that weren’t there in previous iterations. Sadly, they only revealed bits and pieces about the enigmatic character.

Sombra is apparently an ex-hacker that was recruited by the Reaper’s shady associates. She is one of the best hackers in the world, and has been messing with the Overwatch Sombra ARG since.

She was initially thought to be Ana, the support sniper. However, since Ana’s release, everyone is waiting for Sombra. The only clue we have for now is a purple-clad woman with mysterious gloves and a submachine gun.

The entire Overwatch Sombra ARG is reminiscent of the Cicada 3000 challenge. It’s a covert and mysterious “project” in 4chan that sought the “best” of the best with its enigmatic clues. The “game” had players scouring entire images for codes and travelling to other countries for clues.

And while Cicada 3000 had an overwhelming amount of difficulty, Overwatch Sombra ARG is indeed getting a bit more annoying lately.

Overwatch is currently available for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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