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Nintendo NX News: Reveal Trailer Shows Specs, Games & Price

Nintendo fans are on the edge of their seats with a big tease. The Japanese video game giant has just revealed that it will launch a preview trailer with all the Nintendo NX news sooner than fans think.

A tweet from Nintendo of America has just unveiled the biggest teaser of their new console yet. Fans can see the preview trailer (a whopping 3-minutes long at that) at 7AM PT or 10AM ET today, October 20.

According to recent Nintendo NX news, the device is probably a small, portable console with detachable controllers. This allows games to be played via television, or even just on the road.

The Wall Street Journal said details about the device could arrive as soon as October 26, but aside from that Nintendo is keeping a lid on the new console. This is significant, given the 26th is the day when Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima will give the company’s second quarter earnings forecast to Nintendo investors.

Interestingly, Nintendo NX news all say the NX will probably be a goofy device. This is a common trend among the NX’s older siblings. Either way, its March 2017 release is something to look forward to.

The release date follows projections given its older siblings. For instance the 3DS was teased in early 2010 before it was released a year later. Trends follow with the DS, with a 2003 tease and a 2004 release. The only exception was the Wii, as it had a 2004 tease and a 2006 release.

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Nintendo NX News: Specs, price

While there are no other details about the console yet, recent Nintendo NX updates already try to put a price tag on the product.

According to Tech Radar, a success with the Nintendo NX meant very cheap hardware to accommodate a lot of games. Tesco’s online store pegged the product around $450, although this was just a placeholder. Seeking Alpha places the NX at around $300 to $350.

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Fans say the NX should start focusing on simpler details. People tend to complain that the amount of “attention” with its recent consoles and handhelds were split because of their nature. Regardless, the Wii’s motion controls, the Wii U’s second screen, the DS’s touch screen, and the 3DS’s 3D screen are all revolutions of its kind.

Similarly, the NX is teased to have a separate dock to allow it to be attached to television screens, and a mode to allow it to be played on the go.

According to Trusted Reviews, these are the current specs they have heard of. Although the trailer may change these aspects:

  • It has Nvidia involvement
  • The screen is around 6 inches
  • The screen supports 720p resolution
  • It supports multi-touch touchscreen
  • It has 32GB of internal storage, and has an SD port
  • Its dock station has at least two USB ports
  • NX will support Unreal Engine 4 and Unity engine
  • Raw power wise, the NX is below the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

According to IGN, current games confirmed with the NX are the following:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Just Dance 2017
  • Holiday 2017 Sonic Game
  • Dragon Quest X
  • Dragon Quest XI

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