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Killer Clowns News 2016: Real Purge Night Confirmed! Tips to Save Yourself

The trend of Killer Clowns scaring people has been taking over the world the past weeks. With crimes actually being pointed to these creepy killer clowns, many are wondering if a Purge night would actually come true. If reports are true, it’s happening this Halloween.

What seem to be a prank on the streets of USA has now spread to United Kingdom and Australia and it doesn’t seem like it’s ending there. Countries like Philippines and Japan have also followed the trend, mostly in a comedic way. However, for some clowns, the fad isn’t just another funny trick. Reports reveal that the killer clowns are now mapping out a real Purge night before October 31.

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The rumors have spread throughout social media, with people panicking and trying to figure out how to save themselves from a possible murder spree.

But are the reports true? Will these killer clowns really takeover the streets and kill anyone on their way?

Real Purge Night on October 31?

Scary clowns have been a trademark of the movie series The Purge, which revolves around a night of “cleansing” wherein the government allows 12-hours of killings without being apprehended by the law.

It seems the idea has been picked up by today’s roaming killer clowns and are looking to make the film plot true-to-life.

However, according to rumor-busting site, the reports are nothing but fake rumors aimed at scaring the public.

There is a Facebook page called “Clown Hunters” which warned the public of the Purge night before Halloween, telling people to “Stay inside, keep all pets inside and keep all doors and windows locked.”


The photo has gathered more than 30,000 reactions and 460,000 shares before the page was deleted. However, Snopes clarified that this is just a hoax. Moreover, the police has not released any warning to the public about the Purge night and are seemingly not bothered by the reports.

So is Purge Night on Halloween true? No, friends. It’s not.

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