Killer Clown News: Batman Saves Kids from Killer Clown Purge [Watch]

Beware killer clown hoards, the Dark Knight is here to save the day. The Dark Knight heard the children’s cry for help and is now chasing away the deadly pranksters on the streets.

Since last August, killer clown sightings from all over the United States have been reported and the trend has now spread all over the United Kingdom.

Police have already issued statements that arrest and proper sanctions await those who dress and scare as clowns, notes Mirror UK. Teachers have been appealing to the pranksters to stop scaring children so they can start going back to school.

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In an attempt to stop the killer clown trend, people have been joining clown hunters organizations. All these are attempts to stop the growing clown sightings. But the number of sightings still continue to increase and are expected to grow while the public express their concern and fear.

Is Purge Night Real on Halloween?

Halloween is just a few corners away, but children are now dreading what used to be an awaited celebration.

A Facebook post warning about clowns planning their own purge the day before Halloween is circulating online. The post is warning netizens to stay indoors and to keep doors and windows locked.

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clown purge on halloween

Many have shared this post and have expressed their fear. Some are calling out to the pranksters to stop, while some are asking for help.

Because of this, one man has decided to take matters into his own hands.

Batman Saves Kids from Killer Clowns

School have reported  children failing to go to school because of the clown scares. Instead of going out to shop for their favorite Halloween costumes, children are now staying inside their homes in fear of the clowns hurting them.

To solve the problem, an unidentified man dressed up as Batman has been chasing away killer clowns on the streets.

After a photo of Batman chasing off a clown began circulating, many children have expressed relief.

One kid even expressed his gratefulness to Batman on Facebook.

kid feels safe after Batman scares clowns away

This modern-day caped crusader does not have super powers but made children feel safer. And that is the kind of hero that we need right now.

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