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Dead Rising 4 PC Gameplay DLC: Zombie Timer Mode, Mini Golf Confirmed!

When you think Dead Rising 4 PC couldn’t get any funner, let’s add golf into the mix. Capcom teases new features in the latest Dead Rising 4 PC DLC.

It appears players with access to the season pass will not only get new features, but old ones as well.

Microsoft and Capcom will be co-producing the popular survival horror franchise. Although fans already know Dead Rising isn’t all about just killing zombies, the new game will be focusing on having fun.

Dead Rising 4 PC will have three sets of downloadable content. However, unlike the main game, these DLC will add some old features into the fray.

Players can purchase the season pass for $24.99 or go buy Dead Rising 4 PC’s deluxe edition with $79.99.

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The new and the old

According to Polygon, of the three Dead Rising 4 PC DLC sets, Frank Rising takes the cake. It appears to mark the return of timed missions in the game. Dead Rising 4 is known to remove timed missions from its campaign.

Games Radar notes that Capcom wanted players to explore the game’s vicinity to enjoy its open-world options. However, Frank Rising puts players in a tough situation. The lead character Frank West is infected and he has to find a cure. Unfortunately, the DLC takes him across Willamette’s smarter zombies. In a bid to confuse things more, military forces want to destroy the freshly-renovated mall. Will you make it in time?

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And if this is too much, then maybe a game of mini-golf will be more fun?

One of the other DLCs is Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf. This is an obvious play on Street Fighter and its overtly-complicated variants. In this version, Frank takes us to a mini-golf paradise.

This multiplayer (or you can play solo) game allows you to play as a golfer with an oversized golf ball. You have to tour across Willamette, Colorado and nail the perfect putt. Of course, an oversized golf ball meant loads of damage. This will have you not only trying to master the 18-hole course, but also defend yourself from zombies.

All of this and more are in Dead Rising 4 PC. The game arrives on December 6 for both the PC and the Xbox. However, the release date for the season pass’ contents haven’t been announced.

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