Is Beyonce Dead; Watch Video of Bleeding Ear on Stage Here

Is Beyonce Dead; Watch Video of Bleeding Ear on Stage Here

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Is Beyonce dead after the bleeding accident that took place as she performed on Saturday’s Tidal X 1015?

While performing last Saturday for her husband’s benefit concert to highlight education and celebrate philanthropy, Queen Bey accidentally cut her left ear causing it to bleed. According to audience, her high ponytail must have been the reason for the said incident.

Concern grew when the multi-Grammy winning performer brushed off the bleeding and continued on with her performance as if nothing has happened.

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Because of the bleeding, worries of blood loss which if severe can cause death, surfaced along with rumors that the queen has passed away after the performance.

The video by Daily Mail shows the spectacular performer as she accidentally rips her ear.

Thankfully, the Beyonce dead rumors are untrue since the star even appeared during the black carpet post-concert. And like nothing happened, the queen looked as glamorous as always with a tight-fitting black dress and a new pair of earrings.

The already widely-popular singer gained even more fans and proved to still be the undisputed female performer of her time.

Beyonce: Performer Extraordinaire

Looking back, the dancer, singer, actress, producer, entrepreneur and super mother has had far worst experiences than a bleeding ear.

Over the span of her career, she has been through several wardrobe malfunctions, accidents, sickness, heartbreak and fatigue. One thing that made Beyonce the queen is her tenacity to keep going and her desire not only to perform but to have one that fans will enjoy and remember forever.

After a Beyonce concert, everyone who attended goes home even more at awe with the Single Ladies singer. Going to her concert meant a dance number, spectacular stage setup, awesome vocals and full energy.

But the star does not restrict her performance prowess to concerts, even talk shows like The Tyra Banks Show sees a full-caliber performance from the queen.

No wonder Beyonce runs the world. The lethal combination of brains, beauty, booty, body, talent, and tenacity proves that Beyonce deserves top stop as today’s best performer.


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