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Battlefield 1 Release date Review: Best Weapon Unlocks, War Bonds & Tips

When we’re talking about a war as large as the Great War, you know there’s bound to be good stories. Battlefield 1 has just been released, and it delivers.

Electronic Arts and DICE took a huge risk by going back in time. The trend for games nowadays, especially FPS, is to shift from modern warfare to overtly science fiction. However, EA and DICE decided to take a chance at the Great War.

Fans of history will appreciate the sheer historical accuracy of the game’s elements. But what a lot of players will notice is the harsh feeling of being in war — and the game reflects that. Every time your lead character dies in Battlefield 1, the game sends out a memorial message. It contains the characters’ full name, date of birth, and year of death.

Sadly, it brings a strong message to players. While other games had protagonists go back to save the day — Battlefield 1 doesn’t. Everyone will die. And 17-million lives were claimed in the Great War.

If anything, Battlefield 1 is a tribute to all these soldiers. And did it pull it off? Oh so magnificently.

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Intensity aboard

Unlike other FPS games, Battlefield 1 has a selection of five “War Stories” to choose from. These cover various experiences of characters in the entire Great War, and allows you to control different characters.

According to Venture Beat, each iteration of the War Stories has a rich and personal story. It will put you in the middle of the Great War, with its horrors for you to relish.

Its combat is extremely intense, as you would expect Battlefield 1. The game forces you to jump straight into the action. The shell shock is intense, and you move slower when you’re shot. Tank duels are a battle of timing, as you always have to make sure you have the last shot (else you will really explode).

Battlefield 1 reveals the harshness of war. You better make sure your shots count, and your aim is right. Every War Story is a unique experience, and the characters are always relatable. This is because much of the stories are based on real events.

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For instance, Zara is a Bedouin guerilla fighter who is fighting for her life. She is based on real women who served in the revolt of the Arabs against the Ottomans. Her inclusion, and of others’, show a great deal of personality with the stories.

It’s not just about the black and white. There’s a whole lot of grey, too, and it makes you think about the real stakes. Battlefield 1 makes sure you know that war is harsh and terrible, and that not everyone survives. Every time a close character dies and we all feel prickly, just imagine how painful it was for a relative to actually lose someone. This harsh realism is what makes Battlefield 1 take such a pedestal.

However, it’s not all about the story. The game’s multiplayer is just as fun. The maps are amazing and offer new environments to players. The game’s intense 64-person battles make it feel like you’re in a skirmish yourself. And while these tend to make multiplayer a bit sluggish, it’s a completely different experience.

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Too short for its own good

Sadly, the game has an extremely short selection of war stories. They are brief, sure, but they are too short for our emotions to handle. The selection of stories have a very diversified cast, and it makes you want to get to know everyone else more.

Unfortunately, all of these stories only last for one big battle, or even three short ones. After that, we’re off to another story. This is a bit surprising, seeing that Mafia 3 had 35-hours’ worth of story to tell. And while of course there are a lot of maps for multiplayer, and the combat is intense, but it feels a bit too short.

It would be great if the stories had, like, eight battles so far. It would leave little room for character development, sure, but the impact would be much more severe.

Either way, the game itself is well-balanced and well-produced. The hype is real, and it’s definitely worth a shot.

And while sites like VG247 offers a ton of guides for players to use, here’s the most basic ones about War Bonds and levelling up.

  • Class Ranks: These are an interesting feature in the game. Battlefield 1 veterans and newbies will realize that they eventually increase in class rank while they play. These level up by assisting your team in matches. Levelling up unlocks various weapons and additional features – but unlike in other games, they aren’t immediately accessible.
  • War Bonds: War Bonds are used to “purchase” these necessary upgrades before the weapons and skills are usable. Other weapons tend to be available for other classes as well, so there are guns that can be unlocked in one class before being used in another. However, War Bonds are scarce and are rare. They can only be gathered by ranking up, so spend them wisely.
  • Getting XP: However, as Battlefield 1 is a team game, XP is gathered by doing things other than killing. Players will notice that they can level up by simply assisting their teammates. You can get better XP for not quitting the game, and even winning. If you’re in a squad, you have to choose your moves wisely. And remember, Objectives are a priority, and more XP is rewarded if you accomplish them in Conquest mode.
  • Battlepacks: Battlepacks come with various awards, and sometimes even XP bonuses. However, you have to spend these points wisely. For instance, use it on modes such as Conquest where you know you will rake up the experience points.

Battlefield 1 will be released on October 21 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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