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Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Leaks: Full Pokedex, Ultra Beasts Revealed!

It’s an entirely new world out there! Pokemon fans will be thrilled to see that the Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Alola region is not just for show. A leak showed the entire Alolan Pokedex from the game’s demo.

Fans know it is only a matter of time before dataminers check into the demo’s data and look for more clues about the game. Players who got the demo from Japan and other regions stumbled upon a lot of surprises hidden in the game.

According to Polygon, there’s a ton of new Pokemon hidden inside the game. It seems Game Freak did not reveal the entire list of new Pokemon available in the fray. This includes both region-exclusive and shiny Pokemon.

Dataminers were able to gather sprites and spread them across Reddit, Twitter and everywhere else. However, it should be noted that there are no names attached to any of these Pokemon. No one will also be able to tell whether Ultra Beasts are exactly Pokemon or not.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Alolan Pokemon

However, it seems Game Freak left out around a whopping 81 Pokemon exclusive to the Alola region. Of course, a lot of these Pokemon were already revealed. But fans will be ecstatic to gaze at entirely new Pokemon and guess their abilities.

Some of them include Pokemon with rather strange appearances:

  • Rowlett’s final form seems to be an angsty evolution of its rather stylish second phase.
  • Litten’s final form is a muscular wrestler, a bit fit for its feisty fire nature.
  • Popplio suddenly turned into a startling beauty on its third form, akin an ugly duckling phase.
  • Pikipek’s evolution appears to be a transformation from a woodpecker to a colorful toucan.
  • There are also other colorful creatures, such as what seems to be a giant hairy spider, and a thorny cone-shaped flower.
  • There are also organic spider and crocodile-looking Pokemon. Fans will love the tropical design these new creatures have.
  • There appears to be a gigantic growth spurt in Wimpod’s next evolution.
  • There seems to be an anchor-based Pokemon as well.
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Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex
Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex
Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex
Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex
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Ultra Beasts Abound

However, the Alolan Pokemon were not the only ones receiving speculation. The enigmatic Ultra Beasts are also worthy of the attention of huge Pokemon fans.

Nintendo teases that these Ultra Beasts can be caught within the game. Likewise, it appears they can be taught special moves as well. Interestingly, the datamine revealed five additional Ultra Beasts aside from the original three.

This means there are eight in total, which is very much like the number of badges in the game.

According to Reddit, much of the Ultra Beasts’ sprites appear similar to human trainers. These include Lusamine of Aether Foundation, the enemy trainer Guzma, and others.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

A theory states that the Ultra Beasts may be just the special Pokemon of these trainers. However, it appears they might also be “transformations.” Makes you wonder what the true intentions of Aether Foundation are.

Regardless, we can only wait until Pokemon Sun and Moon releases on November 18.

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