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Phil Collins Dead: Tour Cancelled; Death Said To Be Due to Freak Accident

Reports of Phil Collins dead are surfacing online after the English singer, songwriter, and Genesis lead singer was in an accident in his Malibu home.

The 65-year old legend who has sold more than 100 million records as part of Genesis and on his solo career, was reported to have accidentally slipped on his bathroom floor just recently.

Speculations grew that because of the incident, the singer’s upcoming comeback with five performances at the Royal Albert Hall was cancelled.

Ironically, his live performances, which will include his 15-year old son Nick as the drummer, is named Not Dead Yet.

Collins announced his retirement in 2011, saying that he needed to focus on his family. In addition to that, the drummer has also started to experience health concerns such as problems with hearing and back pains that prevented him from drumming for longer periods of time.

According to the singer, it was his children who convinced him to do music again.

After his retirement, Collins has still been doing several charity gigs with his son, Nick who has also grown fond of playing the guitar.

Is Phil Collins Dead?

The incident did not cause the demise of the singer. However, it did cause serious bruising on his head. He assures the public that he is okay and will still be able to push through with the concert.

He also confirms that he is out of retirement once again and is ready to hit the stage despite certain health issues still looming around him.

“So as far as retirement goes, basically I changed my mind and I’m coming back – a little bit,” shared Collins with Standard.

He also assures his fans that he will be okay doing the performances.

“The hearing is as it was, but the brain has compensated. So that’s not an issue. The back only hurts if I stand up for long periods of time, but when you’re doing a show, the adrenaline makes you forget about those things,” he said.

The singer quickly gives a disclaimer before his June 2017 post-retirement debut and asks the public “not to hold their breath” because he is uncertain if they will like it.

He wishes to proceed with his comeback as “we’ll take it as it comes” saying We’ve got another couple of cities in mind. European cities. We’ll see how it goes. If people say, ‘It sucks’, and, ‘F**k off! Why didn’t you stay away?’, then I might not!”



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