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The Voice 2016 Judges: Alicia Keys Said To Be Wanting Miley Cyrus Out; ‘Everybody’s Not Gonna Like You’

With two women on board The Voice 2016 as judges, not to  mention how different they are with each other, there’s bound to be disagreements and feistier competition.

Though initial skepticism was in the air, the addition of Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys on The Voice 2016 as judges, proved to be a good thing for the show. Not only did the two women challenge long-time coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, they also  provided a different perspective coaching-wise.

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The Voice 2016: What Alicia Keys Thinks of Miley Cyrus:

Despite expectations that the two very different The Voice 2016 judges would clash with each other, they actually agreed with and supported one another.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Girl on Fire singer actually respects Cyrus because of her authenticity. Like herself, Cyrus strives to stay real despite an industry that curates everything from a person’s appearance to their personality.

The multi-award winning singer and mother of two even add that Cyrus is her kindred spirit. “The more I am getting to know her, the more I am endeared to her … and appreciate who she is, what she says, her boldness and ability to be 100 per cent who she is,” Keys says.

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The Voice 2016 judge dispenses valuable advice saying “So everybody’s not gonna like you (on The Voice). So what? When did we have to have everybody agree with everything we do?”

More than with Keys, this holds true to Cyrus, who has received so much controversy and hate even before joining The Voice 2016.

Both judges have more in common because both of them are fighting for empowering gender. Keys is promoting women empowerment and has even ditched using makeup to make a statement. Cyrus is actively working on her foundation Happy Hippie for the LGBTQ youth.

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