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Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift News: Pregnant Swift Reportedly Planned Tom as Baby Daddy

Is it true that Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift were expecting a child and this forced the actor to call it quits?

Hiddleswift was the hottest couple in Hollywood just a few months ago. And although their love story fell apart last September, rumors about them still won’t die. Word on the street is Swift is pregnant with Tom Hiddleston junior. The reports aren’t unlikely as the short-lived relationship was a very serious one while it lasted.

According to reports, the “Bad Blood” singer found out that she was carrying the Avengers actor’s baby. However, Hiddleston didn’t take the news well and wanted nothing to do with the baby. Rumors suggest the pregnancy is the true reason behind the ex-couple’s split.

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Earlier in their three-month love story, a source revealed that the two were indeed planning settling down and having kids. Swift even noted that Tom would make a good father. Or so she thought.

“This is the kind of a man she would want to marry,” a source told E! News.

“She has said he would make a great dad. They have talked about what they want in the future and kids are something that they would both like down the line. They have very real and serious conversations about life.”

If the two were really planning on starting a family, then why did Tom flake out? Was it because the pregnancy came in too early?

Well, it seems the rumors are just what they are…rumors.

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Taylor Swift Pregnant a Hoax?

Taylor Swift pregnant are nothing but empty talks thrown into the social media world, but the singer is far from having buns in her oven. As a matter of fact, the “We Are Never Getting Back Together” songstress has been enjoying her single life by partying with her girl squad.

Suki Waterhouse posted an Instagram photo of TayTay with her friends in New York. Earlier in the week, paps also snapped Swift and her gal pals at a King of Leon concert. This squashes all rumors that Taylor is pregnant.

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As for Tom, the actor is rumored to be dating several A-list stars. There have been claims that he is doing this to spite on his ex, but well, regardless, Swiftie looks happy even without Hiddleston by her side.

So that settles it, fans. Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift have broken up, but it’s not because she’s pregnant.


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