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Gotham Season 3 Episode 5: Joker Returns, Attacks Penguin as Mayor [Spoilers]

Gotham season 3 episode 5 is hinting the return of the city’s favorite villain, Joker. But will his return threaten the newly-elected mayor, Penguin’s life?

Gotham season 3 is packed with villains in every corner, especially now with Penguin elected as the city’s new mayor. Despite Penguin promising to eradicate crime from Gotham, new faces are popping up for the worst.

The appearance of Poison Ivy, for one is becoming even more evident in the third season. However, fans are still hoping to see everyone’s favorite villain Joker in Gotham season 3.

Though Cameron Monaghan’s re-interpreted character of Joker, Jerome was killed off by Galavan during the last season, sources still point to the return of the beloved villain.

Gotham Season 3: Joker Returns on Episode 5?

According to Melty TV, they believe that Joker’s character will be coming back to Gotham season 3 sooner than expected.

The website shared that Gotham’s executive producer John Stephens did promise the return of Joker in the third season. Maybe he’ll be resurrected from the dead like his killer, Galavan.

Though Stephens did not specify that the Joker will be back in episode 5, an Instagram photo of David Mazouz, who is playing the role of the young Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) seems to be hinting episode 5.

Mazouz posted after the premiere of Gotham season 3, episode 4 a photo of him sitting on the side with a background of the words “HAHAHAHA” in a grafitti-ed wall.

In addition, he added a caption saying: “A #gotham favorite villain may be coming back to @gothamonfox sooner than you think.”

A #gotham favorite villain may be coming back to @gothamonfox sooner than you think.

A post shared by David Mazouz (@davidamazouz) on

Gotham Season 3: Joker vs. Penguin

The return of the Joker will for certain mean mayhem on the city. The villain has a track record of deaths and explosions after all.

Penguin, the city’s new mayor, however, promised to rid the town of all the monsters and Joker for certain is included there.

The episode 5 trailer, which shows an attack on Penguin, might not be because of Riddler as seen on the video  but an intricate plot of the Joker himself.


No one knows for certain when the Joker comes back, but it’s something to definitely look forward to.

Gotham season 3 episode 5 airs on Monday at 8.


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