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Batman Return to Arkham PS4 Review: Complete Trophy List Revealed!

Players can become a remastered Dark Knight in Batman Return to Arkham PS4. However, they also have the option to be the best Batman by earning all of the game’s new trophies.

Rocsteady’s Arkham Asylum and Arkham City will be arriving in next-gen consoles in Batman Return to Arkham PS4. However, it was revealed that players can get more medals in both games.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the trophies in the list are identical to their PlayStation 3 counterparts. However, this also means players have a Platinum Trophy version. Disappointed players can check if they still have what it takes given the game’s remastered graphics and gameplay.

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Per the statistics, here is the following breakdown of trophy classification for each game.

Batman: Return to Arkham PS4 – Arkham Asylum

  • 1 Platinum
  • 1 Gold
  • 18 Silver
  • 28 Bronze

Batman: Return to Arkham PS4 – Arkham City

  • 1 Platinum
  • 1 Gold
  • 21 Silver
  • 48 Bronze

If this count is to be followed, this means there will be 48 Trophies in Arkham Asylum and 71 in Arkham City. Regardless of the similarities, Batman Return to Arkham PS4 will still return with the same amount of trophies. But they are remastered trophies.

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Return to Classics

Rocksteady’s Batman Return to Arkham PS4 will be a remastered version of the first two games in the Arkham line of Batman games. Players met both games with a much good reception and critical acclaim. The games were praised due to their deep story and gameplay mechanics.

Players were delighted to see the Dark Knight in action on their consoles. The game’s straightforward mechanics allow players to seamlessly control Batman in bouts of flexibility and martial arts.

However, much of the games’ critical acclaim come from their stories. Each game is a retelling of a classic Batman story, with its own twists. In particular, Arkham City is the second of the two games in Batman Return to Arkham PS4. This game is set in a fictionalized “city” where criminals are rampant and seem to control the general populace.

Its open-world format meant Batman had all the time in the world to explore and hunt down criminals. Its sequel, Arkham Knightseems to pin Batman against his greatest adversary yet.

The games feature iconic elements from the Batman mythos. This includes characters and brand new iterations of their costumes, as well as popular Batman items such as the Batmobile and the Batarangs.

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