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Skyrim Remastered PS4: New Creation Kit, Mods & Download Revealed!

Fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise are more than excited to relive their lives as a Dragonborn in Skyrim remastered. However, Bethesda reveals more surprises along the way.

Bethesda Softworks initially turned down the option to upload mods in the PlayStation 4 version of Skyrim remastered. Bethesda’s Pete Hines explained this was the decision that Sony made for the release, which was of course out of their control.

However, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, a series of Tweets clarified the aspects of the PlayStation 4 mod “support.”

Hines clarified that the game can only support files that come from within the game and the DLC. This means players cannot create custom-made assets and audio files.

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Hines also clarified this further. Apparently, this means players can still make content that can be used in-game. However, this only applies to the Creation Kit and its results.

An in-game trailer revealed that mods can be accessed in the main menu, like how other games do this.

However, Hines also elaborated that this final version was what was approved by Sony. They had other versions that may have been what players wanted, but they didn’t make the cut.

The achievements and trophies that could be earned in Skyrim remastered is the same with the original Skyrim on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Hines also said that trophies are disengaged if saves with mods are loaded.

However, the 900MB mod size has not been confirmed.

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A god in an open-world

Hines also added there will be a new Creation Kit for Skyrim remastered. This means players can create newer and better versions of assets that can be found within the game.

According to Express, the brand new Creation Kit places the entire world and engine of Skyrim remastered at the hands of players. They can create new art assets from people to locations, to weapons from original assets inside the game.

Meanwhile, Bethesda also confirmed the arrival of mods for the PlayStation 4 iteration of Fallout 4. However, Hines added they are still preparing updates for all languages. He added its release may not take long after Skyrim remastered.

Skyrim remastered will have an October 28 release date for the PlayStation 4.

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