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PlayStation VR Review: How to Play PSVR on Xbox One

It seems virtual reality begets rivalries this time. Players and fans who did their versions of the PlayStation VR review were surprised to find out the system is actually compatible with Xbox One.

The PlayStation VR is the newest product of Sony. It was released yesterday and will be the gateway of PlayStation fans into the realm of virtual reality. However, it seems it fits with everyone.

Xbox One owners who also own PlayStation consoles found out that there was a “trick” to play Sony’s newest headset on the green-clad Xbox. One PlayStation VR review upon many will tell ecstatic newcomers that it all lies in the technology.

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Technology unites all

According to the PSVR subreddit, all it takes is to connect the HDMI cable. However, instead of connecting it to the PlayStation 4, you ought to connect it to the Xbox One.

If this is done correctly, then you can find the Xbox One initial menu just a few inches away. Players clarify of course that the games in the Xbox One aren’t exactly VR-compatible. However, it does feel like you are playing games in a pseudo-“cinematic” mode. Unfortunately, there’s no head tracking either, but this is a surprising breakthrough.

Players also figured out there’s no 360-degree sound, but there is sound. Graphics also seem fine depending on games, but some players attest it’s still better to play on an HD screen.

Of course, its compatibility with the Nintendo Wii U isn’t confirmed yet, and sadly with the PC as well. By the time VR games arrive on the Xbox One, it’s an interesting test to see whether or not this is compatible with the device as well.

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PlayStation VR Review: Setup Guide

For those not yet initiated, Sony offers various video guides to setup the virtual reality device. However, Polygon has a handy guide.

In essence, it’s important to remember that players still need a PlayStation Camera in order for the device to work. Fans ought to free another power outlet and dedicate one USB port for the PlayStation 4 as well.

However, perhaps the most useful of Sony’s tutorials is how to set up the headset itself. According to its PlayStation VR review, it offers a handy way to set up the camera and make sure the headset tracks your head.

But for the curious, you can purchase the PlayStation VR headset for $399.

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