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Outlander Season 3: Claire, Jaime ‘Passionate’ Reunion! Pregnant with Jaime’s Child

Look like fans can expect a reunion on the historical time travel series, Outlander season 3. Reports claim that not only will the lovers be reunited but a baby on the way.

Outlander premiered on the small screen on August 2014 and is based on the historical time travel novels Outlander a World War III nurse, Claire Randall who finds herself transported back to 1743 Scotland where she meets the dashing warrior Jamie Fraser.

Season 2 of the Starz series brought us to different places and periods. From the courts of France to the battlefields of Britain. However, the end of the season took us back where it all began: Claire in the future, without her love Jaime.

Dragonfly In Amber, season 2’s finale was a 90-minute long episode where the lovers meet their daughter, Brianna all grown up. The series also left us with a tangled mess when Jamie finds himself in a one-to-one battle with his uncle and mentor Dougal upon the latter hearing about their attempt to poison the prince.

The young man was triumphant over Dougal and all is well, except that Rupert witnessed what took place and threatens revenge. Jamie asks for two hours to settle the problems he’s made by asking Fergus to safely dispatch the deed of Lallybroch and Murtagh to escort the men of Lallybroch back home.

Finally, he makes sure that Claire returns home safely in the 20th century. Despite Claire’s vehement resistance, the man convinces her to do it for their unborn child. “This child will be all that’s left of me, ever,” he tells Claire and promises that he will find her.

In the future, we see Claire, now a successful surgeon and their daughter, the red-head History major beauty, Brianna. Lallybroch has turned into a rundown estate and the turn of events reveal to her that Jamie did not die during the battle. With this, her resolve to go back in time was solidified.

Outlander Season 3

According to speculations, season 3 will take off from last season where the two lovers were separated. If the third season does follow the book, fans can expect a reunion happening between Claire and Jamie and will explore post- Jacobite uprising. In the novel’s third installment, Voyager, the two lovers passionately reunite and journey to Jamaica.

However, before that happens, we can expect a Frank and Claire reunion taking off from season 2.

Meanwhile, before its premiere on Spring 2017, here’s the trailer for Outlander season 3:





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