The Night Of Season 2: Naz Reportedly Returns to Jail for Drugs; New Story Plot Hinted

The HBO TV series is returning for another round of crime-suspense! The Night Of season 2 is expected to return next year, but not without any of its dark themes.

Those who followed the TV series know that Naz is far from the innocent college boy he was perceived to be. After being the prime suspect to Andrea’s death and going through weeks of trial, it was clear that he was no saint. He got into fights, was peddling drugs in college and stole his dad’s taxi. And as the story progressed, the clean-cut boy had become a hardened prisoner and a drug addict.

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The Night Of season 1 finale ended with Nasir Khan jail-free but dependent on cocaine. So will season 2 find him back in bars, for drugs this time?

The Night of Season 2 Spoilers

With Naz barely operating without his fill, it would seem reasonable for the series creators to continue with that arc. While Andrea’s murderer is still at large, and no one knows for sure who did it (so many questions left hanging in the finale), The Night Of season 1 plot was more character-centric than anything. The Night Of season 2 may focus on Naz’s demons, with Andrea’s death taking a backseat.

“It was really character driven, and it’s more about the journey that the characters go on rather than solving for ‘x,'” Riz Ahmed, who plays Naz, told the Hollywood Reporter.

Talking about the cliffhanger finale, Ahmed says he found “satisfying.”

“I found it really satisfying in the sense that I think a lot of murder cases are resolved in a way that is not clean cut…I actually found it to be resolved in a very classy and bittersweet way that was still dramatically satisfying.”

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As for whether The Night Of season 2 would continue with Naz’s drug addiction, Ahmed says the next part of the series may take on an entirely different plot and case.

“I think it was conceived of as a one-season one-off, and perhaps there’s a second season they might do a different case like they did in the British version of the show. I think sometimes it’s said, ‘Better to quit while you’re ahead.'”

So far, nothing has been carved in stone and fans of The Night Of HBO will surely want to see Naz back, with Chandra and Jack Stone.

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