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Ronda Rousey UFC News: 6 Best Knockouts Before Her Return Fight

Finally, former Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey UFC comeback is confirmed on December 30, 2016 at UFC 207 for a chance to take back the belt from Amanda Nunez.

The Holly Holm Ronda Rousey UFC 193 match in November 2015 was probably one of the most shocking fights in the history of the sport. The seemingly invincible former bantamweight champion was knocked out cold by the 34-year old on the very second round.

For the first time in Ronda Rousey UFC career, she was beaten hard and bloody even during the first round. While it is unlike the seasoned fighter to be frazzled, Ronda Rousey was completely taken over by the composed Holly Holm.

No one has anticipated that the undefeated champion will lose to Holly Holm and no one is more shocked about the results than Ronda Rousey.

On her appearance at Ellen, the former champion shared her disappointment with herself, saying “Honestly, my thought…I was like, in the medical room and I was down in the corner and I was sitting in the corner like, ‘What am I anymore if I’m not this?'”

She added that her defeat made her think about suicide, “And I was literally sitting there and thinking about killing myself and that exact second. I’m like, ‘I’m nothing; what do I do anymore? And no one gives a s–t about me anymore without this.”

Ronda Rousey UFC 207: Fight For the Title

After more than a year outside the octagon, Ronda Rousey is back with to gain her title back against Brazilian mixed martial artist, Amanda Nunez. Both fighters are extremely lethal, strategic and hardworking, so predicting who will win is pretty much impossible.

Ronda Rousey UFC Best Fights:

Before Rowdy is back in the game, here are seven of her best knockouts of all time to remind us why the 29-year old is one of the most iconic UFC fighters of recent time:

1.) Her debut fight with Ediane Gomes that lasted only 25 seconds before she knocked him out. It’s like she’s telling us to stay tuned for more.

2.) Her fourth fight against Julia Budd, who was defeated by submission from an arm bar. Check out that dislocated arm on Budd. Yikes!

3.) Taking the belt from Miesha Tate on 2012 with another arm bar. Though the former Strikeforce champ refused to tap, the referee had to call it off. Rowdy looks so happy, aaw!

4.) Ronda Rousey fighting Liz Carmouche was a historic one because this was the first time women were able to fight at UFC. She also won her first UFC championship here.

5.) They say it’s always sweeter the second time around and that’s exactly how Ronda felt after her second fight with Miesha Tate in UFC 169.

6.) UFC 175’s fight against Alexis Davis, knocking the Canadian martial artist in less than 20 rounds. Weew!

7.) Her fight with Holly Holm. I know, I know! It’s her that got knocked out but it’s still one of the very best.


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