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PlayStation VR Games: Batman Arkham VR is Too Short; Review Confirms 1hr Gameplay

Fans of the Dark Knight have looked forward to donning his cowl on Batman Arkham VR. However, current reviews of the game put its performance on a not-so-stellar scale.

Reviewers from various websites praise the game’s ingenuity. It’s about time to make a Batman game that really puts players in the perspective of the Dark Knight. Batman Arkham VR attempts to do such a feat. The game puts players in the perspective of the Dark Knight as he gathers clues himself to solve a murder mystery.

However, articles are at work here. “A” implies only “one” mystery, and Batman Arkham VR does just that. Fans may be disappointed to hear that Batman Arkham VR only has 90-minutes’ worth of gameplay.

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Too short for its own good

According to Dan Stapleton from IGN, aside from primary gameplay concern, the game is actually too short to bear. The game is praise-worthy by the small-but-extensive universe it holds. Players can now stand side by side with actual characters from the game, and they can interact with the environment.

Batman Arkham VR‘s detective mechanic is the same as in the other Arkham games. However, this is more “intimate” as the controllers are really used to search for clues. The hands almost feel the exact sensation the fictional character does.

The Batcave can be explored, which has its own variety of features. There are puzzles from the Riddler that allows you to reassemble statues. There are also character profiles in form of diagrams. The Batarangs also have a private target range as well.

Batman also has access to some of his gadgets in his utility belt. For instance, he can use the scanner to check the status of some objects. Players can also share delight in using the Batarang and the grapnel gun.

However, these equipment interact with the environment in specific ways. For instance, Alfred cannot be damaged with any of your weapons. And Batarangs have an auto-aim feature. At first, using these tools seem fun, but when you realize you can’t move the way Batman does, the experience becomes dull.

This is especially since Batman Arkham VR uses the same teleport mechanic usual VR games do. This means the same appeal Batman has when fighting in the Arkham games cannot be achieved here.

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A one-shot Batman deal

However, the appeal of the game may die out when players realize the story is too short to bear. According to Joe Skrebels of IGN, the game only offers around an hours’ worth of story. While there are another 90 minutes of gameplay, a good Batman story is cut short in this time span.

Although, of course, this is because the game was never billed to be a core Arkham game either way. Regardless, Rocksteady studios said players ought to play the game repeatedly in order to find clues scattered around the regions.

Hopefully, the depth of detail found in Batman Arkham VR would sway players from a negative rating.

The game is set to release alongside the PlayStation VR today, October 13. The game can be bought for £15.99.

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