Hitman Episode 6

Hitman Episode 6 Japan: Finale is ‘Toughest Challenge’; Release Date & Plot Here

Gaming’s most notorious assassin is back. IO Interactive and Square Enix’s Hitman Episode 6 culminates its first season in a feisty mission in Japan. But the question is, will Agent 47 make it out?

The season finale will take place in Hokkaido, Japan’s island to the north. Agent 47 finds himself in a resort called GAMA. The exclusive resort appears to be a combination of modern architecture and the brisk beauty of nature. Guests will find themselves exploring a Zen garden, a hot spring and an organic sushi restaurant.

According to the Season Finale trailer, Agent 47 may be facing his toughest adversary yet in this sprawling resort. Hitman Episode 6 taxes players with the burden of taking out two different targets. Regardless, the season finale will bring all of Agent 47’s skills together.

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A fiery start

Players know that Agent 47 is definitely on hot water in the previous episode. He got himself on hostile turf for the duration of his mission. The fortified structure in Colorado meant players have to trust their stealth skills. The number of enemies in place also made it almost impossible to blend in with the militia.

Lead writer Michael Vogt told Polygon that it took players a quarter of a year to understand the expansive story of Hitman.  This much content however implied a very explosive story. This was why Vogt, IO Interactive and Square Enix opted for the episodic approach.

However, Vogt did say that while the first three episodes of the game were separate, the fourth mission revealed a major incident. The fifth mission was the culminating factor for all the other stories. Hitman Episode 6 fully puts the first season to a close.

While Square Enix did not announce more episodes, Vogt did say the storyline of the game will span multiple seasons. However, players may be excited to hear that it may not take more than three years to put out a new game.

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A new “masterpiece”

The last Hitman game was Hitman: Absolution in 2012. It took nearly three years to release Hitman in 2015. However, the wait seemed to be worth the while as players praised the game for its ingenious application of previous gameplay mechanics.

Fans praise Hitman not only for its crisp episodic format, but for its capacity to replicate the style of Hitman: Blood Money. The latter is considered the pinnacle of all Hitman games, and the current game takes lessons from it.

Today’s Hitman is praised for having non-linear missions. This means players have multiple options to tackle certain hits – from Rambo-style action, to pure stealth, and even sheer “accidents.”

Players even have Elusive Targets, or special targets, they can take out to earn rewards. Regardless, players can experience the full thrill of the new game when Square Enix releases Hitman: The Complete First Season on January 31, 2017.

Hitman Episode 6 can be played on October 31 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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