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NBA 2K17 Update: Patch 1.04 to PS4 Solve Black Screen, New Badges & More!

A new NBA 2K17 update fixes some pressing issues in the highly-acclaimed basketball title. Players can finally go back to dunking with Patch 1.04.

NBA 2k17 is the freshest basketball simulation game from 2K Sports that puts players in the shoes of their favorite NBA stars. Fans are able to play the game last September 20 and despite its critical acclaim did have some pressing issues.

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According to the NBA 2K Twitter account, the recent update has just been released to the PlayStation 4. However, it will make its way to the Xbox One and PC.

NBA 2K17 Update Fixes

General fixes included a color fix issue. Players commonly complain about post-release color clashes between teams in matchups. Update 1.04 will hopefully fix this for the more aesthetically-obsessed.

The friends list in the Who’s Online segment of the game will no longer disappear once viewed.

Meanwhile, Contact Dunk animations will stick with MyPlayer creations as well.

Players will be delighted to see that the scoreboard will no longer update scores until the made basket animation is complete. This will avoid confusion with players.

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Fans of the Relentless Finisher badge will be able to notice proper contact layup bonuses when it levels up with their players. The NBA 2K17 update also fixes a rare hang when players grab a rebound.

Meanwhile, the update also fixes matchup and animation issues in MyPark and the 2K Pro-Am. Players are now voided of wins when players disconnect during the Pro-Am Walk-On or Team games. Ante-Up users will also be displayed with their proper ante-up amount before the Got Next queue.

The update also fixed a jump shot animation bug where the shot meter gives a “very late timing” during high-latency gameplay.

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As per MyCareer and MyCourt, the NBA 2K17 update also gives away new fixes. Players will be delighted to see a lack of black screens when they head into matches.

Fans are now able to see connection events on the schedule by the time they are set up.

In terms of gameplay, players will no longer hang when they try to enter the 3PT and Dunk Contest while their MyPlayer is injured.

Lastly, the NBA 2K17 update also fixes a hang when multiple injured team members enter a Live Practice.

A new dimension to basketball

The NBA 2K17 update fixes concerns both in the game itself, and some aspects of the gameplay and special modes. According to the NBA 2K17 update notes, the fixes will hopefully address the majority of these issues.

Fans certainly found appeal in recurring features of NBA 2K17. This prompted initial concerns for some bugs that the NBA 2K17 update fixed.

Players can make their own customizable basketball star in MyCareer and see them become the star of their own basketball dynasty. Fans who want to be on the back seat can instead play the MyGM and MyLeague modes. These are franchise modes that allow players to create and control teams that battle with other teams.

NBA 2K fans will notice how the new modes also allow them to schedule and pattern their “leagues” to the minutest detail. Not to mention how even classic teams, national teams and even EuroLeague teams can be chosen to participate.

The NBA 2K17 update applies to all versions of the game. NBA 2K17 was released to the PC, PlayStations 3 and 4, and the Xbox 360 and One last September 20, 2016.

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