Half Life 3 VR

Half Life 3 VR Game Mode Confirmed! Release Date, Gameplay Details Here

Will 12 years of waiting finally pay off? Half Life fans may finally get their hands on a continuation of  Gordon Freeman’s journey – only in Half Life 3 VR.

Or will he? Gamers worldwide are aware that Valve is a huge fan of virtual reality gaming. Valve, the parent company of Steam, has even released its own headset – the HTC Vive – this year. However, fans can go crazy when Valve may actually take a step ahead and release a VR entry in one of the gaming’s most elusive franchises.

According to Valve News Network, an update on Valve’s Destinations app may have leaked code about the game. Destinations is the company’s virtual reality app that allows people to explore places, both real and virtual, with friends. Its regular updates meant players can tinker around with its source code.

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One interesting tidbit is something called HL:VR, as well as strings of code with VR controllers, weapons and movement options.

According to Game Rant, others may suggest that the code is just leftover code from previous Half Life experiments. However, others also conclude that we may be one step closer to getting a Half Life 3 VR version. One evidence is that the code that was leaked eventually replaced code originally found in the app.

However, the “leak” may point towards a spinoff game instead. Its potential “release” date and gameplay information may be unavailable at this point. However, the leak in itself is big news for the gaming community.

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More than speculation

Interestingly, a DOTA 2 update is also related to this Half Life 3 VR rumor. A code is “used to force” the game to speak. Seeing that protagonist Gordon Freeman isn’t a speaking protagonist, is Half Life 3 VR a spinoff with a new protagonist?

At this point, it is helpful to announce that Half Life fans will remember Valve programmer Jeep Barnett revealing that the team would love to bring the game to VR. However, while Valve writer Chet Faliszek said that a possible sequel won’t support VR, offshoot Half Life 3 VR projects might.

If this is true, then this is big news for VR and Valve fans. Their Vive headset has already sold 15,000 units in 10 minutes of its release. Having a Half Life 3 VR project may even boost sales and help Valve maintain its successful grip on the field.

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