Overwatch Sombra

Overwatch Sombra Leak: Reddit Reveal Photo, History & Details of New Character

Overwatch fans are in for an early Halloween treat. Blizzard may have revealed the first appearance of one of the new characters in an unplanned Overwatch Sombra leak.

Unless Blizzard is releasing an early Halloween trick.

Players all around the world are basking in the Overwatch Sombra leak in sites such as Gyazo, Imgur and DeviantArt. According to Polygon, the image got out from an internal Blizzard website.

Sombra is set to “hack her way into the build tonight.” However, it remains unclear as to when the photo was actually taken.

Players who are into the entire Overwatch Sombra shenanigan are aware of her mysterious origins in the game. Sombra is one of the world’s top-tier hackers and, if rumors are right, primarily set to be a villain.

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However, new descriptions of the character revealed that she spent time with the Mexican Los Muertos. This is the same gang that Soldier 76 got toe-to-toe with in his animated short. Sombra got in too deep and so she had to go underground.

Her allegiance was established when Talon eventually recruited her. This makes her part of the villains in Overwatch: Sombra, Widowmaker and Reaper making a deadly trio.

According to the Overwatch Sombra image leaked in the subreddit for Overwatch, the purple-clad Sombra seems to have special gloves and a submachine gun. The image has come from a “Russian Overwatch group.”

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Overwatch Sombra with New Leaks, New Modes

The Overwatch Sombra leak also arrived with details of a new gameplay mode. The new mode will apparently be a “protect the base” kind of play. Players have to eliminate Zomnics and “Dr. Junkenstein’s allies,” with three varying difficulty levels.

It seems Dr. Junkenstein is actually a redesign of Junkrat. Players are also able to catch a glimpse of the newest issue of the Overwatch comic book. In it, familiar characters seem to sport Halloween-themed costumes.

In the comic, Mercy appears a witch with Reaper as a wraith with a jack-o’-lantern head. Junkrat is the titular Dr. Junkenstein, while Roadhog appears to be “Junkenstein’s monster.”

This leak coincides with the upcoming Halloween-inspired theme for the game. Xbox players are starting to see loot boxes inside the store. This hints towards new skins, emoticons and cosmetics that may soon appear in the game.

An earlier Overwatch developer update revealed that director Jeff Kaplan is excited towards building new heroes. One of these heroes, while still far from release, may fit with everyone really well. Another hero, hinted to be Sombra, may be revealed “sooner” than later.

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