New Zodiac Signs 2016 Chart Dates: US Elections Predictions
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New Zodiac Signs 2016 Chart Dates: US Elections Predictions

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The new zodiac signs 2016 chart seems to be in agreement with the current polls in that the Democratic Party is on the lead for this year’s US presidential elections.

According to Election Projection‘s updated projection today, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading both electoral and popular vote. However, certain areas of the country are still very much on the side of the highly controversial Republican Candidate, Donald Trump.

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Astrology Says Hillary Wins!

Apart from the predictions made from the presidential polls, astrologers have also predicted the same outcome wherein Hillary Clinton will reign the victor on the November 8 US elections 2016.

The site has shared a series of astrology-based predictions and readings related to the upcoming elections. Its latest article explains why despite the Republicans (the Challenger) being the more obvious winner initially, the Democrats (the Incumbent) will still become the likely victor.

The Democrats are called the incumbents because the present administration is under the Democratic Party. The prediction was based on an Aries Ingress horoscope which derived that the incumbent party belongs to the tenth house of the “king” and the challenger party is the fourth house ruled by Jupiter. The article further explains that it is the fourth house because its the seventh from the tenth house or is the “king’s opponent.”

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Basing it off the natal charts’s tenth house cusp, the Midheaven (MC), the Republicans would be the closer bet as victor because it’s ruler, Jupiter is closer. But looking back at the 1888 elections, the site has concluded that Jupiter will only be a guide to the Democrats.

“My conclusion is that the 2016 presidential election is similar, in that Jupiter acts as a generally helpful influence to the Democrats.”

In addition, because of the way Jupiter moves, there is a chance the Republicans will only see a glimpse of victory but ultimately, the prize will not be theirs. “Even if Jupiter signified that the Republicans were about to enter the White House, the retrograde motion seems to indicate getting close but ultimately no cigar.”

New Zodiac Signs 2016: What It Says About the Candidates?

Following the new zodiac signs 2016, here are both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s zodiac signs and personalities:

Donald Trump’s birthday is on June 14 and in the new zodiac signs 2016, he is a Taurus. Those born under this zodiac are characterized as competitive, diligent, committed and efficient which also makes them stubborn, sometimes single-minded and intimidating. But for some, these are traits they want from a president. Donald Trump is direct, he has worked hard to grow his empire and is clear-cut on what he wants to do when he becomes president. Coincidentally, Taurus like to run things like a corporation — them being the CEO, their closest as advisers.

Hillary Clinton is a Virgo and her date of birth is October 26. Virgo represents substance. Those born under this sign are known to be quite organized, practical and shrewd as well as analytical and observant. However, they can also be obsessive, excessively orderly and fuzzy and too detail-oriented. No wonder Clinton spent days practicing for the first presidential debate. However, it might also be a good thing for the country to have a president who is careful and orderly. Virgos are also quite independent and are used to working alone.

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Both the polls and the astrological predictions are all, at the moment, just that: predictions. The United States 2016 Presidential Elections will be on November 8, 2016.


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