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Gears of War 4 Xbox One Tips: Horde Mode, Scrap & Craft Cards Cheats

Who would have thought card games would go so well with team-based shooters? Here are a few tips for the newly-released Horde mode for Gears of War 4 Xbox One players.

The Coalition will once again be adopting the card game craze with its newest game. However, the developers did not spend a lot of time reviewing players about its mechanics.

According to Shack News, the game’s “scrap” system needs Gear Cards. Players can obtain Gear Cards from Gear Crates, which can be obtained through Credits. Fans that play in the upcoming game’s Horde mode can earn the in-game currency, and this is where the new system comes to play.

Scrap can only be earned by destroying cards. Players are advised at this point not to destroy cards they’ll be needing.

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Scrap is good

Gears of War 4 Xbox One players can scrap cards by selecting cards and pressing the X button. This allows them to scrap a single card and its duplicates. Players can spend scrap to craft cards in the game, which then adds it to your deck.

Cards come in various categories: Bounty, Horde, Versus and Customization, to name some. Of course players already know to scrap duplicates of cards they already have. This especially applies to cards that they don’t need.

However, players ought to scrap bounties from Versus and Horde modes that might be too hard to complete. If you play an Engineer a lot and have a Bounty to complete Horde waves as a Sniper, you ought to remove this card. Why? Well, it’s a class you don’t play a lot.

If you have real-world cash to spare, then you should buy Gear Packs. However, this follows the risk of earning duplicates aside from cards you really want. However, they can be turned into scrap metal, which is another good thing.

But with the cards at hand, and an entirely new game mode at our behest, how exactly could we survive through Horde mode?

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Horde: Classes galore

Gears of War 4 Xbox One players are in luck, as the game features new classes, upgrades and skills that are essential for the new Horde mode. The new gameplay option has 50 excruciating waves of opponents.

According to IGN, players that are unfamiliar with the Horde best play casually first. This allows them to level up and buy new skills with the cards. This allows you to test your skills against the first few waves. Players who do this will also become more confident in the classes they’re using. Fans who don’t have a lot of companions ought to play this as well until they have a full team to go.

However, Scouts and Engineer should be in “full teams.” Gears of War 4 Xbox One fans know that other classes offer massive firepower, but the aforementioned two are essential for endgame purposes.

The Engineer can repair items you build against the horde. While the Repair tool can be bought in the Fabricator, it’s extremely expensive. This is why players are advised to carry an Engineer, which has the tool all the time.

Meanwhile, the Scout can increase Power that is picked up in the game. This allows teams to build various machinations against the horde. Going for Insane mode will require a Scout to ensure survival.

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The Fabricator is your friend

Players know the Fabricator is where players meet to store money, buy items and help build an assortment of things. Horde mode is highlighted with the things you buy with the Fabricator, so take good care of this guy.

Gears of War 4 Xbox One players know there are an assortment of defenses and buildings that can be formed with the Fabricator. Barriers start as spike trips that turn into laser grids. This slows hordes of enemies that come near them.

Decoys start as dummies but turn into bombs that deal damage. Since they are constantly being damaged, take good care of decoys.

Turrets and shock sentries are the bread and butter of your defenses. These attack opponents with a variety of attacks and special effects. Some of them can even be manned by players, but are extremely expensive.

However, players ought to buy a Weapon Locker as well. Leftover weapons disappear when left unattended, but not while in they’re in a Weapon Locker. This ensures an extra dose of firepower when you least expect it. The Weapon Locker also refills ammo, which is very useful.

A good base setup is to have barriers in front of bases, with decoys behind them. The turrets will be your final line of defense, which means an Engineer should constantly repair them.

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Know Thy Enemy

Waves of enemies are incomplete without bosses. Every ten waves will spawn a Boss, which has an equally-irritating and hard opponent to defeat. However, they do have some weaknesses.

Gears of War 4 Xbox One players, here are enemies you have to face.

Swarmak is an evolution of the Brumak. While its miniguns are easy to dodge, its missiles are extremely big on damage. If it stands still, you better run for your life. The Swarmak is weak along the orange sacks on its mouth, legs and stomach. You ought to use the Boomshot and other explosive weapons against this guy.

The Kestrel is a helicopter, and perhaps the easiest to kill. It has miniguns and rockets, but are manageable to face head-on. You have to blow up the engines below the rotor blades. Accurate weapons work best here, as explosives don’t hit the engine quite right.

However, the Snatcher is going to be one of the most annoying bosses in the fight. Not only does it deal high damage, it eats allies. You have to deal massive damage to its stomach before your ally is set free. However, this is also its weak point – albeit a very hard to hit one. This means explosive weapons are your friend. Sadly, Snatchers also come in pairs.

Lastly, the Carrier is a massive suit of armor. Its only weakness is the opening on its chest when it fires missiles. While any weapon deals massive damage to it, you are toast when you’re hit with the missile. They both seek heat and make patches of fire around you.

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Solo is not good

The Horde Mode is no joke. Gears of War 4 Xbox One players ought to take advantage of levelling up through the course of the game. Players are encouraged to unlock skill perks that work well with teams. Fans are aware that these perks will be invaluable in the higher difficulties.

This works best when you complete bonus objectives as well. These objectives have good rewards with them, and is especially useful within the Horde mode. This goes from ammo, weapons, to even Power.

Horde mode also rewards coins that can be used to purchase cards for your characters. These allow you to obtain skills and skins for your character.

But most importantly, do not ever play alone! It’s best that teams are always together to make sure any kind of opponent will be taken down. Enemies like the Pouncer are designed to take on characters alone and shoot them to death with a single hit.

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