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Mafia 3 PC Gameplay Patch Download this Weekend! 30 FPS Option Updated

It seems Lincoln Clay will be able to exact revenge at 30 frames per second. Mafia 3 PC developers have just announced that a framerate patch may be arriving this weekend to boost the game.

A statement from the Mafia 3 website appears to tell players that the development team at 2K Games is currently testing framerate options for the game. A new patch in testing appears to let the game work at various framerates, such as 30fps, 60fps, and even “unlimited” fps.

The statement adds that if all “goes well,” then the update will be released to expecting players this weekend.

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The patch has been in the works after clamor from frustrated fans. It appears the game will only run on a maximum of 30fps on all of its platforms. This seems to have frustrated players with higher-end machines.

Regardless, the update will hopefully remedy and satisfy the desire of players to play the game at a higher framerate.

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Experience limitations

According to PC Gamer, playing the game with the latest Nvidia driver still limits the game to 30fps. Any options to tweak and uncap the limitation on the PC appears to be unhelpful either.

Players who have tried out Mafia 3 PC, especially reviewers, have noticed the game is a bit slow and inconsistent to the eyes. This is despite using devices with updated software and specs, which is not good news for demanding gamers.

However, Mafia 3 does promise to provide more post-launch content that will allow players to tweak the game to fit their desired performance.

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Mafia 3 documents the tale of the orphan Lincoln Clay. Having experienced terrible things during the Vietnam War as a veteran, he is out to confront the Italian mob with his own crime organization.

The game teases realistic graphics and interaction with 1960s New Bordeaux, a fictionalized New Orleans. The story will also tackle prominent themes at the time such as racism, sexism and politics.

The game has just been released today, October 7, for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One devices.  

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