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Gears of War Movie 2016 Plot Reportedly Different from ‘Gears of War’ 4 PC

Lock and load, Gears of War fans! It seems plans are all set for a Gears of War movie, courtesy of Universal Studios. However, the question remains: how will they tackle the game’s plot?

According to Polygon, Rod Fergusson announced the news during a livestream today. Fergusson is the head of The Coalition studios, the team responsible for the Gears of War games.

The games focus on a war between humanity and two alien species, the reptilians called the Locust Horde and the mutated Lambent and Swarm. Gears of War follows the story of Marcus Fenix, who leads a team of soldiers under the Coalition of Ordered Governments against the threats.

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However, despite ecstatic fans, details such as the writer, director and the release window for the movie are not entirely available. Fergusson, however, did tease that the adaptation will have to have a good story to be able to fit a broader audience.

Per Variety, they still have to assess the audience in order to make a suitable plot for the film. Obviously players and fans will appreciate a story with background and lore. However, Fergusson admitted that the film will not be a success if only the gamers’ desires are fulfilled. This means the film may have a different story than Gears of War 4, but is definitely a good way to tease the game.


A matter of taste

Fergusson added they have to realize that they’re using a different medium before proceeding with the film itself. They have to consider thing like if the film will be faithful to the game canon, or if it will be set on a different story. He did admit the adaptation will not be the best movie, but they want it to be the best Gears movie for fans.

Despite lack of details, Fergusson did express his desire to make the film faithful to the series. It’s not necessarily following the canon, but as long as the film stays faithful to the franchise.

Fergusson said Microsoft, The Coalition and Universal Studios will be in charge of the film. He added the movie is now in pre-production and will be produced by Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark of Bluegrass Films.

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Stuber is known for films such as Ted and Central Intelligence. He is also in charge of the upcoming Patriots Day which is about the Boston Marathon bombing. Meanwhile, Clark was in charge of the Planet of the Apes franchise as well as Oblivion.

This is not the first time a Gears of War movie was announced either. When the franchise was still with Epic Games, New Line studios wanted to make a film as well.

This time Stuart Bettie, in charge of Collateral, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was pegged for the screenplay while Len Wiseman of Underworld, Total Recall was the director.

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