Jaden Smith Dead: Gym Weights Fall on Face During Bench Press – Possible Death News

For the past months, Jaden Smith dead has been one of the top searches online. While the young star is alive and kicking, the death hoax continues to push through. So, in the name of having fun and as a way to laugh at all these fake death stories that won’t stop, The Gamer’s Drop brings you — Craziest Possible Ways that caused Jaden Smith death.

In this series, we will be looking at all the possible, yet absurd ways that could cause the death of Will Smith’s son. The stories will be impossibly funny, crazy and a bit obnoxious, but all is done in the name of fun. Eat your hearts out death hoax-ers!

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Jaden Smith Dead: Gym-mer Fre-death

The 18-year-old actor seems to have been battling his inner demons by pumping up iron. Amid rumors that Smith is on the brink of committing suicide, the actor took time off his busy schedule to hit the gym last Tuesday.

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According to Just Jared, Will Smith’s only son was seen at the gym late night on October 4, with his trainer. Photos prove the actor was trying to keep healthy at the fitness center wearing a bright red hoodie. However, that was the last seen of Jaden. Reports reveal that a freak accident took the life of the young actor.

The actor was allegedly working on some bench presses when the barbell fell flat on the actor’s face, causing him to bleed to death. The incident caused major injuries to his face and upper body that could not be survived.

Will Smith family and Jaden’s fans continue to mourn the death of the actor.

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Previous to the Jaden Smith dead reports, the actor was filming The Get Down season 2. The young actor plays the character of Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling.

Jaden Smith Dead Reason

Stay tuned for more Jaden Smith dead stories and other absurd reasons of his fake death.

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