Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers
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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers EP 2: Meredith, Maggie Drama; Alex Goes to Jail

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 spoilers are here and they sure pack loads of drama with lies, love triangles, betrayal and even jail time.

If you think season 12 was crazy, then you better buckle up for season 13. Only on its second episode and there’s already been so much action in the hit medical drama.

But first, let’s recap some of the craziest season 12 happenings before we give you Grey’s Anatomy season 13 spoilers.

On the season 12 finale, we find Meredith and Maggie supporting Amelia on her wedding day, Alex learning that Jo has been keeping secrets from him, a custody agreement between Callie, and Arizona and Ben rushing to assist on April’s delivery of the baby.

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We also know that Meredith’s sister has moved in with her and Dr. Bailey’s assignment as Grey Sloan Memorial’s first woman Chief of Surgery. Meredith also meets Callie’s new girlfriend, Penny, and makes the most awkward announcement that Penny killed Drake during a dinner party.

Alex proposes to Jo, but Jo does not accept. Meredith finds out she has a sister according to Owen, and Meredith gets brutally attacked by a patient. April and Jackson sign their divorce papers the same day she finds out she’s pregnant; Meredith starts and ends her relationship with Will Thorpe; and Ben’s wrong decisions cause the death of a pregnant woman and her baby which causes him six months of suspension. Arizona gets custody of Sofia; Meredith and Riggs hook up; Amelia proposes to Owen; Callie and Penny breaks up.

Wow, season 12 was a ton of drama.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers

At the end of season 12, we know Alex beats up De Luca bad and then sends him to the hospital after. In the new season’s first episode entitled Undo, Alex faces the consequences of his actions as he goes to trial for the case.

At the hospital, he did not tell anyone about what has transpired and why De Luca was in such a state, but it did not take Meredith long to figure out what really happened. Dr Grey did not say anything to anyone but was soon unable to keep it to herself but felt obliged to tell Bailey. But by then, Alex has already turned himself to the police.

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Alex gets a sermon from Bailey, who was asking “Do you realise what happens if you’re convicted of a felony?!” But the trial continues and De Luca is not backing down.

Meredith assures Alex that he will not go to jail and tries to talk to De Luca but evidently fails.

Aside from Alex’s issues, Meredith is also busy with the love triangle she’s gotten herself into with Maggie and Riggs.

Meredith’s relationship with Riggs and her not telling Maggie about Alex’s case also caused drama with Maggie, who now thinks she can no longer trust her sister. They made a trust pack, which Meredith soon after violates when she lied about Riggs visiting her.

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