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Black Moon 2016 Meaning: Friday Lunar Event Time & How to Watch

Another celestial event will be happening tomorrow night, but it doesn’t involve comets and meteors. Scientists have confirmed that a Black Moon rising tomorrow night will be the rare lunar occurrence that will cap the month. But does the Black Moon 2016 mean the end of the world?

On September 30, a second new moon will be rising in the night sky this month, causing what is known as a Black Moon. While the black moon is “rare”, it isn’t as rare as solar eclipse or a blood moon. According to National Geographic, the Black Moon rising tomorrow happens every 32 months.

“I was very disappointed to find out black moon doesn’t mean an awful lot,” Ian O’Neill, an astrophysicist and the senior producer for space at Discovery News and, told LA Times. “It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s not particularly rare.”

The Black Moon 2016 isn’t the first in recent years. LA Times confirms the last to be in March 2014.

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What is a Black Moon?

Black Moon meaning is simply the second new moon of the month.

New moons usually happen only once a month — at the start. “But because there’s a slight disjunct between the moon’s phases—a 29.5-day cycle, on average—and the Gregorian calendar, some months can have two new moons: one at the beginning and one at the end,” Nat Geo explains.

It’s worth noting that this Black Moon Friday will be the opposite of a “Blue Moon” wherein there are two full moons in a month.

Interestingly, the term isn’t even considered a scientific one. LA Times notes that “Black Moon” isn’t even recognized by NASA. “The phrase black moon has also been used to describe months where there is no full moon, and to describe a third full moon in a season that has four of them.”

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Black Moon Meaning

Many consider Black Moon 2016 to be the end of days, the apocalypse. A recent article on Express UK noted a verse from the Bible which talks about a black moon and the end of days.

Matthew 24:29 reads “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.”

However, experts reveal that the Black Moon meaning people fear isn’t exactly true. Aside from the fact that it’s quite a not-so normal occurrence, astrophysicist O’Neill notes that social media has been doing a great job of scaring people with the ends of days 2016 ideas.

“When you have anything that’s the least bit foreboding in the night sky, the media jumps on it,” O’Neill noted.

“Social media has a huge part to play. These things go viral.”

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How to Watch Black Moon 2016?

While the Black Moon will probably be invisible in most parts of the world, those in the Western Hemisphere will have a better chance of observing the occurrence. That is, with the a help of a hefty telescope.

It will be peak and be most visible in the US at 8:11 pm ET or 1:11 am UK time.

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