Nintendo NX Reveal Release Date! UK Leak, a Hoax to Hype Fans

Sony and Microsoft were always racing each other to reveal their latest console offerings to the masses. Nintendo, on the other hand, was less forthcoming. The Japanese game giant rarely revealed details about their products, even in the best circumstances. That is the reason why it came as a surprise when there was a Nintendo NX reveal of the release date on a UK website.

The Nintendo NX reveal was first uncovered by a gaming website. According to Nintendo Life, UK retailer Tesco posted a page where the mysterious console was being advertised. The page showed that the console’s name was the Nintendo NX Wii U. It retailed at £349.99 and the launch date was shown to be on December 31, 2016.

The possibly unintentional post sparked rumors that a Nintendo NX reveal is not far off. Especially considering that Nintendo does not usually advertise their wares very near the release date. The internet was abuzz with the rumors and people speculated.

The page was taken down by the retailer a few hours later though. When clicking on the original link, it now routes to notification on the website that the page is no longer available.


Was the Nintendo NX Reveal made to generate Hype?

Although it was possible that someone at Tesco simply messed up, the Nintendo NX reveal could have been a way to generate media buzz. According to Ben Hargrove’s article at Technoaisle, the price could be an indicator that it was a real ad, prematurely revealed. This is because the price is close to what many speculators think it would be. Sony’s PS4 Pro is going to sell at almost the same price. Even if the NX was supposedly technologically inferior, the innovative features and design can bring it up to the same level.

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It is certainly possible that it was a cunning PR stunt. Considering that Sony built up gamer excitement when they revealed the PS4 Pro and everyone else was turning to Microsoft for a challenge. Nintendo was definitely taken out of the spotlight and this could have easily put them back there.

Although there has been no official Nintendo NX release date, there are few things already known. For one, the console was said to be a handheld game console that can transfer to a TV. Second, it was rumored by Takashi Mochizuki in his WSJ article that the console would be using cartridges. Although no longer a popular form of storing data, a new resurgence among fabricators could result in a cartridge renaissance.

So until Nintendo gives us the official Nintendo NX release, many will speculate. And that’s a good thing, since Nintendo will continue to be in the consciousness of gamers everywhere until then.

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