NBA 2K17 Locker Codes Update: NBA2KTV Answers for Free VC, Patch 1.03 Details

NBA 2K17 locker codes are still the talk of the town, with gamers still hoping 2K Sports will release free codes soon. Although 2K has yet to announce any freebie, there’s an easter egg hidden in the video game that offers NBA 2K17 free VC and random MyPlayer items.

NBA2TV is a video feature in the game that airs new episodes weekly. In every episode, a set of questions will be asked within the game feature. All gamers have to do is answer the questions right and they get free VC or a random item.

To access NBA2KTV codes and answers, here’s how:

  1. Start up NBA 2K17. In the main menu, go to NBA 2KTV.
  2. Watch the current episode (NBA 2K17 NBA2KTV Episode 2)
  3. Answer the questions in the video. For each right answer, you get a free item.

For those looking to get NBA 2K17 free VC, while there may not be any official NBA 2K17 locker codes yet, we have the correct answers to help you earn VC and items.

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NBA 2KTV Answers

  1. Indiana Pacers
  2. Any Answer
  3. Tap the Triggers
  4. Xavier Cross
  5. Any Answer
  6. 3-Point Shooting
  7. Any Answer
  8. Klay Thompson
  9. Any Answer

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.03

NBA 2K17 also released its newest patch, addressing certain issues within the game. Here are some of the game updates and additions that come with NBA 2K17 update 1.03:

  • Updated court floors for both the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks.
  • Uniform improvements — more accurate uniforms that include team patches
  • Addressed an issue of missing NBA 2K17 ’92 Dream Team on the Play Now team select menu

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  • Substitutions made during a timeout will now immediately apply
  • Injuries in MyCAREER will no longer carry over into MyPARK/Pro-Am games
  • Custom Wall progress will no longer disappear when changing basket types while editing a Pro-Am Team arena
  • Proper controls for “Orange Juice” are now shown in the Controls menu
  • MyCareer Ankle Breaker badge should now properly unlock
  • Attributes earned exclusively through off-court events (e.g. free throw shooting, stamina, etc.) are now saved to MyPLAYER

Stick around for more updates on NBA 2K17 locker codes, MyCareer, MyTeam & more!

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