The Division Update 1.4 Release Date for PS4 Revealed; PTS Download & Details Here

Ubisoft has finally opened its door for gamers to try out The Division update 1.4! The developers have released its public test server (PTS) yesterday, allowing gamers a first look at the upcoming game update.

The Division PTS is a game version that allows gamers to play the upcoming The Division update, ahead of its scheduled October release. A separate entity altogether, the current is only available to The Division PC players and requires a 45GB download to play.

“The PTS, or Public Test Server, is a game version on which new Updates will be made available before their official release, in order to allow the community to try them and provide feedback to the development team,” Ubisoft explained.

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The Division PS4 Update – PTS Soon?

Gamers were disappointed to find out that the PTS version of the game is exclusively available to PC users only. Many wondered why The Division PS4 and Xbox One versions were not offered the option to try out the 1.4 update ahead of official release. However, Ubisoft clarified that it would be harder to monitor gamers’ feedback across all gaming platforms, and even harder to release a “partially unstable” to consoles.

“In order to successfully learn from the PTS, we must be able to constantly iterate and quickly react to community feedback,” the PTS announcement noted.

“Also, it may happen that updates deployed on the PTS are partially unstable or do not represent the overall quality of the game. To deploy updates on a console, we need to go through a process called certification, during which the update needs to be tested and match a list of requirements in order to guarantee a high quality gameplay experience. Due to the very nature of the PTS, it would be very hard for us to release updates as regularly and quickly on console versions than it will be on PC.”

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Ubisoft, however, confirmed that they are already working on releasing The Division PTS to PS4 and Xbox One.

The Division Update 1.4 Download Details

The Division update 1.4 is scheduled for official release on October. So far, nothing has been confirmed about the features included in the game, but new Word Tiers will be added.

Community Developer Yannick confirmed that the game is looking to add new game modes, and these are being worked on with PTS.

“One of the biggest addition with Update 1.4 is a better granularity with difficulty and progression as well as an improved NPC Time to Kill. For this first week of PTS, we want to ask you to focus your testing on both these aspects, mostly the World Tier system and progression from World Tier 1 to Tier 4.”

The Division update 1.4 will definitely be something gamers should look forward to.

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