Bill Nunn Death: Cause of Death & Movie List Here
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Bill Nunn Death: Cause of Death & Movie List Here

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The entertainment industry mourns the death of Bill Nunn, the actor known for his role in the Spider Man trilogy. Several fans are hoping to find out the cause of Bill Nunn death.

Nunn’s wife has confirmed that the 63-year-old actor had died in his Pittsburgh home. BBC reports that the actor has been battling cancer. Bill Nunn cause of death was his lost battle to the disease.

In a social media post, director Spike Lee paid tribute to his friend. Nunn and Lee both attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, and has since worked together on several movie projects. The actor’s first major acting role was in the 1988 film, School Daze, written and directed by Lee.

However, it was in the ’89 movie Do the Right Thing that made Bill Nunn a presence in Hollywood. The critically acclaimed movie about Radio Raheem who was shot dead by police was also written and directed by Lee.

Bill Nunn Movies

Aside from his 1980s hits, Nunn became famous to the younger generation when he starred in the film series, Spider Man. Playing the character of Robbie Robertson who works in the Daily Bugle, the actor became a one of the more beloved characters of the movie.

Sister Act was also one of the most popular films that the actor starred in. Nunn worked alongside Whoopie Goldberg.

Among other Bill Nunn movies are 1991’s Regarding Henry, 1998 He Got Game, and the most recent one, Won’t Back Down released in 2012.



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