Walking Dead Season 7
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Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere: Episode 1 Video, Photos Leaked!

Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is just a month away and photos of the new characters as well as a video teaser has been released. Show producer, Scott Gimple, shares some spoilers for the upcoming season.

Walking Dead Season 6 ended with questions about what happened after Negan swung his bat and though most of Season 7  will still revolve around Negan, a new character is joining the series and he is nothing short of majestic.

AMC shared a lot of spoilers during the Walking Dead Comic-con, including a trailer and the new character based from the comics, Ezekiel.

The latest Walking Dead season 7 trailer shifts the spotlight to new character Ezekiel (Khary Payton), leader of the Kingdom and best friend to an adorable yet intimidating tiger named Shiva.

Khary Payton, however is a bit younger than Ezekiel is in the comics, but according to Gimple, “He’s a bit younger than Ezekiel is in the book, a bit more svelte.”

“But [Khary Payton] came in and owned it, and the most important thing is, when I showed his audition to Robert [Kirkman], Robert went bananas.”

Co-producer Dave Alpert also adds “I think from season one, the goal was always to use the comic as a road map, but never make it so that if you read the comic, you would be bored in the show.”

“This season and the plan to come is very much the same in the sense that we’re going to be hitting a lot of the milestones that those of you who are familiar with the comic will recognize. Ezekiel coming is a big thing. Having Shiva, that’s a big thing. That’s not going to play out exactly the same as it did in the comic. There’ll be a lot of swerves. There’ll be things that you don’t expect.”

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres Sunday, October 23 at 9/8c on AMC.

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