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Train to Busan 2 Full Movie: Watch ‘Seoul Station’ Prequel Video & Review Here

Train to Busan is possibly the biggest movie in the world right now. Highly praised by critics, the movie is already scheduled for a sequel. However, before Train to Busan 2 full movie, people should know about the hit movie’s prequel, Seoul Station.

The movie prequel released a month after the live-action film, follows the story of the zombie invasion in the South Korea capital. Seoul Station reveals the sequence of events that led to the spread of the zombie virus in the train terminal leading to the takeover of the Train to Busan. 

The animated feature may not have the same effect as it’s successor (or predecessor if you’ll consider the release dates), given the entire film is in anime. However, the film offers the same excitement as the protagonists run around town, not only to survive the undead but also to defend themselves from the government which considers the chaos a insurrection.

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Seoul Station follows the fates of a former prostitute (voiced by Shim Eun-kyung), her loathsome boyfriend (Lee Joon), brutish father (Ryu Seong-ryong) and a desperate vagrant (Jang Hyuk-jin) over the course of an increasingly chaotic night,” South China Morning Post explains.

Reviews of the prequel don’t match up to that of Train to Busan full movie, which had flying colors. However, the film in itself still grips it’s viewers enough to stir further interest for Train to Busan and it’s possible sequel, Train to Busan 2.

Train to Busan 2 Movie Cast, Plot & Release Date

While Director Yeon Sang-ho has already confirmed that Gong Yoo’s character, Seok-woo, is dead and out of the sequel already, many rumors have been popping up about part 2. Recent reports reveal that new cast will be joining the movie, in an effort to keep its powerhouse talent intact. South Korean superstar Lee Min Ho has been thrown into the mix of names, and his fans are definitely looking forward to it.

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As for the plot, it would be wrong to change the effective storyline of the movie — a zombie apocalypse. Fans can expect the undead still roaming the sets of the film, but they would be hungrier, more ravage and scarier.

Given Train to Busan and Seoul Station‘s success, fans can expect Train to Busan 2 to be live up to the expectation very soon. Possibly in 2017.

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