NBA 2k17 Locker Codes: Free 100K, 1 Million VC – Real or Hoax

NBA 2K17 locker codes is one of the most searched keyword on Google since the video game was released. While 2K has not released any official code, social posts reveal getting free VC of up to 1 million. Is this true or just a hoax?

Gamers are desperate to get NBA 2K17 free VC, MyCareer items or My Team cards since the pre-order versions of the game dropped last Friday. There have been a few tips and tricks on how to receive free virtual currency and items, but no official code has been released by 2K. Causing fans to go mad.

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While 2K and NBA 2K guru, @Ronnie2K, have kept mum about possible locker codes dropping soon, many tweets have been circulating claiming to have received VC. That is, free VC in outrageous amounts.

Several posts claim they’ve received free 100,000 VC, while a few others say they have received 1 million free VC. A handful other claim a glitch on the game allows for unlimited VC!

The tweets almost seem unreal and bordering the impossible. However, for desperate fans wanting to get NBA 2K17 locker codes and free VC, it might just be the solution they’re waiting for.

NBA 2K17 locker codes: Free VC a Hoax?

All the tweets claiming to have received NBA 2K17 free VC include a link to a websites called The site claims that they offer free virtual currencies to all site visitors by simply choosing the gaming console they use.

“Being a video game review website, we have also collected our share of NBA 2k17 locker codes from the 2k sports team to help our fellow gamers. You can easily redeem these locker codes. You just have to select the game edition and the game platform,” the site explained.

nba 2k17 locker codes

“A 20 digit locker code will be generated for you. Just select the denomination of the virtual currency you wish to receive and enter the generated code in your game screen. After entering the code your account will be directly credited with the VC’s in few seconds.”

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Honestly, the site looks so sketchy and I wouldn’t suggest you click on anything or do anything on the site. The claims are too good to be true, and if 2K Sports is not releasing official NBA 2K17 locker codes, how come their site has access to it. I am not sure what the main goal of the site is,, but to be safe, I suggest games just wait for the official NBA 2K17 locker codes and free VC.

You can follow NBA 2K17 on Twitter and @Ronnie2K for more details and updates.


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